Important vote

It has come to my attention that Pzk was NOT put in charge of GSA after Banana’s departure. Which is what many of us were led to believe, and many of the changes that Pzk has created were not properly voted on. Banana told him to collaborate with the Founder’s Group to change GSA, and to help move us to steam. Not to remove power from the leaders on Discord and go crazy with changing everything without proper voting. Unfortunately Banana is being a jerk about staying around to help figure this out and Pzk isn’t around for a while either. But I know how we work, and if we don’t act now, we’ll never act. We’re lazy. So this vote is created in collaberation with multiple other GSA members. We want to remove Pzk from absolute power in Discord, and name an official leader that Pzk needs to answer to (He was never voted as leader). Pzk will still be allowed to keep in charge our move to steam as Banana originally ordered, as that was voted on. But more in depth changes must be voted on before they can be  established.

Vote for Night, Jeep, or Pzk to receive/keep the adminship on chat and head leadership of the clan.

Jeep (7)

Pzk (1)

Night (2)

Vote will end on the 16th


45 thoughts on “Important vote

  1. + I vote for Jeep. Honestly, he’s the obvious choice. He’s neither power hungry nor shady. The only other ideal option is Night, and we’ve seen what he’s done in the past.

    So uh, yea.


  2. I vote for me. I have Banana’s blessing.
    Inferno for Leader! I promise only partial destruction of the gaming style we all know and love!..and maybe the rest of it once I get bored VOTE FOR ME!

    I vote for Night

    1. I’d like to point out that;
      A; this ended like a year ago. 357 days ago
      B; I was already elected. xd

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