Final Vote

GSA has reached an ultimatum. There are two options.

[POLL CLOSED] Option 1 has won.

1. Make GSA a gaming clan.

  • We will renovate ranks.
  • We will become serious on Steam.

2. Keep GSA as a roleplaying clan.

  • We will die off slowly.
  • We will keep the site and current ranks.
  • We will be as lazy as ever.


Gaming Clan: 7 Votes

Roleplaying Clan: 0 Votes

Pzk needs to set an end date for the vote, as per vote regulations.



23 thoughts on “Final Vote

  1. Well, first of all, we’ll probably renovate the ranks, dropping quantity.
    Second, no need to stop using the site, is there? This works just fine, we just need some updates.
    As for Steam, we need to be more active on it.

    Anyways, I suppose I vote for 1. overall.

  2. ive seen snipers argument that we should go and become a gaming clan

    I think hes right and we should utilize in using steam alot more

    so option 1 is good

  3. Don’t be so black and white about it!

    You should most definitely keep your site, every gaming clan has one.

    Be more active in your steam group, and post announcements about clan “game nights” or whatever both there AND here, before they happen.

    Let people roleplay or whatever, it’s honestly not a big deal, and I’m pretty sure it’s what like half of you would rather be doing anyways, despite the fact you dont want to admit it.

    1. This is basically what I’ve been saying.
      No need to get rid of the site. We’ll just be updating it, hopefully.
      Activity is a problem, sadly.
      And as for the roleplaying, this mostly refers to the ranks, and all our general structure. Im saying we go for as much efficiency as possible here- But we can still give things cool names, and mess around with that. xP

  4. I vote 3 cause i’m the third option sorta guy…

    Anyway here is also a draw back about the gaming clan…

    What if you can’t play a certain game on steam that GSA members are required to play… because of that, that person would be considered inactive in the clan.

    However I am not say option 2 is great either because roleplay can get out of hand and cause immaturity…

  5. Hey all. Haven’t been in this neck of the woods for quite a bit, but I’m going to assume that nothing of overwhelming significance has happened since, say, late 2014. And it seems like you guys are right in the middle of trying to fix that. God bless your souls.

    Hmph. Option 1 is the obvious answer. Hell, the bullet points under the choices are even crafted to persuade voters to avoid Option 2. I won’t get into the objectivity of the vote because in my opinion, anyone who is fine with GSA not having a game probably doesn’t care about the oh-so bright future of the clan at all.

    But I think everyone here deep down knows that roleplay is always going to be one the few glimmering aspects of the clan shenanigans that we used to have years ago. It’s rather simple:

    > Playing games as a clan is fun.

    > Being some cool leader in that clan and having wars with other leaders, makes playing that game as a clan a lot more fun.

    So yes, GSA will more than likely keeping being a roleplay clan. And if GSA actually had a game for that roleplay to fit into, there wouldn’t be such a big problem. But there currently is no such game.

    I’m guessing that you all have officially (or unofficially) quit PB2. If so, good on you guys for that. The gameplay in Plazma Burst did not match the level of depth and intricacy that developed from years of roleplaying as military generals, council leaders, spies, presidents, so on. As the roleplay elements evolved and progressed, everyone gradually realized that the game dulled in comparison because, simply put, Plazma Burst is not, never was and perhaps never will be, a role-playing game. Cue the sad trombone.

    So what is a good, accessible game for this clan? I have no clue. But if you folks don’t find **something**, this won’t be the last time you’ll be voting for “Option 1” and hoping that things will change. Cue the sadder trombone.

    Anyhow, could someone let me into this new ‘Discord chat’ doodad? I have lots of free time now and you’d be helping out a bored fellow.

    1. I honestly can’t remember who you are exactly, but you make a good point.
      If memory serves, you were either in GSA at some point, or hung around the community.
      Either way, someone get him an invite link. xP

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