GSA: Fixes

Hey fellow GSA members, Night here, and today I propose to you an option to participate in making GSA better and being a actual part of it. Now I have several plans I’m gonna propose after this post but I want to hear from you all on what YOU think, yes you in the crowd of blue smurfs. So therefore:

  1. What do you think is needed for GSA?

  2. What would get you interested?

  3. Are the current games we have listed as our main (PB2, Planetside 2, Warframe and World of Tanks-all free btw) good enough?

  4. Would you want to change something up or even voice an opinion?

  5. And how are we, The Supremes, doing so far?

I ask a few questions but you guys can add to them or ask one and provide a response to it, I want some feedback so I can add your opinions if they fit. Also, this is you lot participating so more power to GSA. Thanks for reading and as always,

Night is occasionally Right (Jonb7 edited this, sic ’em boys!)



24 thoughts on “GSA: Fixes

  1. Our Gov’t is shitty, overcomplicated, and is for the power hungry.
    We have too many laws.
    We don’t play games (I suggest TF2,CSGO, and Gmod)

    Thats it for now. (We should really play TF2… Its free.)

    1. Shitty in which way? I believe the overcomplication is with the laws right, how’s it for the power hungry if you get to voice your opinion and moderate the chat?(yes that’s what mod is for), we need to play games that most of us can that are engaging, not a plethora of random games, and what’s TF2?

      1. Lemme rephrase.

        Our gov’t is elitist. Once you’re in a position of power, you stay in it. Really we don’t even need the FG at all.

        We should just move onto a system of 3 admins and a handful of mods. This way those positions of power are just site staff.

        TF2 is a game Valve made, go look it up on the steam store. We should take a look into CS:GO aswell.

      2. That’s not being elitist, the FG people know how to run a clan(or at least manage it or have the know abouts of how to), to compare to a real government, there’s a reason not everyone runs the gov and for the US, there’s a reason we’re a indirect dmeocracy and not a direct, as for TF2 I’d consider it and I feel like we should limit the mods considering not much modding is needed rn

      3. As for games to play, CS:GO is actually something you need a decent PC for, and adding on to the fact that it’s a paid game. Team Fortress 2 is a possibility, Garry’s Mod isn’t bad, but it for a clan that’s based around military structure, it’s not the best. Servers for Garry’s Mod require alot of attention, which most people don’t have time for anymore. Since you mess around with roles in the chat and screw with names, I don’t think it’s your place to suggest Moderator limitations.

    2. CS:GO, TF2, and Garry’s Mod are all made on the same engine called ‘Source’. You don’t actually need a decent PC and you can run them in the lowest settings and get a decent frame rate.

      Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Team Fortress 2 have decent communities but as for the Garry’s Mod community, it just seems it is just filled with kids who keep insulting people to release certain addons to the Steam Workshop.

  2. Hm. Hard to say nowadays how we could improve, it seems.

    1. We need- Idk. We could certainly use some expansion, and a way to get good recruits. We need to start doing more together, because at the moment we’re really never doing anything as a group.

    2. Right now, I just need to upgrade my PC, I guess. And again, we need to do more as a group.

    3. Again, none of these are things we tend to all do together. Does anyone other than Pzk play WoT? And idek who plays WF.

    4. Again, it’s hard to say what we need. I think, for recruiting, it might be time to finally reduce the ranks. Im thinking we should keep our historical structure, but thin it out a little. Maybe leave only the ranks Rec. Pvt. Sgt. Lt. Col. and Gen.
    Something like that. Might want to make a change to tag laws too, because that seems to turn alot of people away. With Discord, maybe we could use the new nickname system, and enforce that to be used, rather than making people put it in their username. That could also help root out the annoyances that come from letting people be able to change it themselves.

    5. Ur all lazy fokholes. xD

      1. Maybe. Maybe instead, we make each rank actually mean something more. Also, we need to fix promotions. We have essentially no working promotion system right now, as far as I know.
        Maybe if we could actually implement a system based on contributions and reliability.

  3. …….I dunno…we need to recruit people who’ll actually stay more than a week in GSA, because thats a huge problem for us. Those that we recruit end up going inactive in less than a month.

    1. Probably because we aren’t interesting enough for people anymore? If you want someone to stay, treat them like a member, engage in conversation, maybe start game sessions and say it’s mandatory for show.

      Also, it’s probably because of the lack of posts people make that aren’t about a dying clan. We need to be more optimistic, and just make posts, or chat often, regardless of topic, as long as it’s appropriate.

  4. 1.I think maybe we need more recruits for GSA, by some people have previously stated. Also if we want to expand GSA, we may want to promote GSA in a way that attracts either old or new players.

    2.Probably try to be more as a group in any MMO game, than in few numbers like we did in PB2 (still waiting for PB3 Gurt……lazy sod). Also maybe we could form more alliances with other clans that are new. Or probably puppet clan we created.
    But i would like to see members in the chat communicate more possibly.

    3. PB2, for old times yes
    Planetside2, i like the multiplayer
    Warframe, Classy
    Other games would work also maybe such as
    Blacklight: Retribution
    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    Counter-Strike: Source

    4.More female players?

    5.I have no comment

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