Our Sister/Brother/It/MTF/FTM/Trap/Tomboy/Androgynous Clan

I’d like to make a warm welcome to Upper Heaven and I’d hope you guys would too, for becoming our allies. Now i may have not been here through the adversities and fights you two have both had, but i hope this will be the first step in forgetting the past, and paving a new future. No matter what, our two clans will be tied together.

We all know that Jason, our wonderful and glorious ex-leader/founder/(Kinda)Creator after being unfairly removed from power, left GSA and moved on to create a new clan. He made Upper Heaven with the hopes of making a strong and prosperous clan able to rival GSA, but he went about it a different way. Now strong and prosperous they are, and so we open our arms and rejoice with being able to work on bettering our relationship.

The Unity, Behemoth, and I have been talking and reached an agreement towards a sort of collaboration. We have decided, to both clans benefits, to make a Steam group together. In doing this, we’ll have more people we can play games together with and hopefully increase activity and recruitment for both clans.

Your Alloy,



5 thoughts on “Our Sister/Brother/It/MTF/FTM/Trap/Tomboy/Androgynous Clan

  1. I suppose this has been a long time coming. Glad to have an ally we can respect, and who can keep up with GSA.
    Both our clans have been out of it lately, so hopefully our cooperation can be mutually beneficial, and help us get going.

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