Appeal of BlackBird



Alrite guys. Blackbird has asked for an appealment of his ban. Now i don’t know the circumstances of his ban, and i’ve been told that he wasn’t put under trial.


Keep Blackbird on the ban list + (6)

Remove Blackbird from the ban list -(1)

Hold a proper court trial for Blackbird=(1) [after receiving further information on the matter. It has came to my understanding that Blackbird has quit and because of that he cannot receive a trial.]

Vote ends 4/26/2016 at 11:59p.m Central

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27 responses to “Appeal of BlackBird

  1. Why would Blackbird get a trial? He left and made an enemy clan, there’s no trial for someone who quits.

  2. He has made “apologies” before, and has been let back in, only to pull a mini-Gigoto and fail, resulting in some clan he made up to fight the GSA with. How do we have any reason to believe he’s changed? +

  3. Isn’t this the third time someone has attempted to repeal BB’s ban? I mean I literally don’t see much of the point since we already know what the outcome is going to be.

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