Why’d you leave GSA? (Yes, You!)

This is for all those who have left GSA and haven’t returned. Not including those banned or kicked from GSA.

I was just wondering for those who used to be in GSA and willingly left, why was it that you left, and what is keeping you from returning. I’m hoping to help target some of these things that are keeping older members from returning, and hope to improve our internal affairs to make GSA a more enjoyable place for those who have been recruited.


33 thoughts on “Why’d you leave GSA? (Yes, You!)

  1. I actually have an essay outlining this topic and contains information about as to how we can improve as a community.

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  2. I couldn’t go back in the clan after the database crash on pb2. I also was kicked out of the chatroom a long time ago. Also pb2 is kinda low on players anyways.

  3. I was bored when Rhaego started her (his?) rebellion, and I figured I would be less bored if I joined the rebellion.

    I wasn’t the most loyal of members.

  4. I could give a little (what I deem) constructive writeup on this if you’re interested – I wont lay it on you immediately in case you aren’t interested.

    I’d like to think I’ve got a pretty credible and comprehensive source of information as well as a unique viewpoint that might be useful.

      1. Alrighty then, you asked for it. I was going to write something fresh and then I realized – I’ve already written this down before in my retirement post! So, I’ve cut some pieces out of it and updated them with my current opinion, and this is what I’ve come to.


        – Every day that I was at GSA, I found caring less and less. I don’t think that I’ve put the most effort in out of everyone, but I think I did put a lot of blood sweat and tears in, and my investment basically yielded very little, if anything. Due to my time and efforts seemingly going to waste, it really didn’t feel worth it anymore to stay and try to do anything.

        – I often tried to mold the GSA into something else, but the GSA was like concrete, already set and extremely brittle and resistant to change. Towards the end of my time, some alternate options were presented to me that had potential for me to improve them, so I transferred my efforts over to those.

        – The preschooler “I cant hear you na-na-na-boo-boo” mentality, or as they would call it “isolationist tactics”. Literally the most self indulgent ridiculous circlejerk ever. I’m sorry, but that was so absolutely stupid. If you’re having a battle, sometimes, well, you just fucking lose and GG it. But not here, oh no, here it was “lets just be deluded together!”. This was REALLY not okay, it was infuriatingly juvenile and immature.

        – I don’t believe in people occupying high ranking positions, and not doing jack shit except exercising their authority (that they are scared to lose) onto others. When I couldn’t be bothered to do more, I left. It upset me that others who were in apparently similar situations didn’t do the same.


        Now, I didn’t focus on the getting-fired-as-CM thing too much. That was literally due to bad people being in charge, i.e. having 5 out of my 6 Bill of Rights rights denied from me (at the time, there were 6? Idk about now or what they are now) and then having my trial post and the votes on it literally edited by Jason to falsely convict me. Fuck that guy.

  5. Well, I only vouched to stay in GSA Temporary and run for president since a vast majority of GSA president we had such as YassinB were pretty terrible and it only made the presidency look useless. I did not really wish to seek a high rank, a supreme rank or any FG-related rank didn’t really interest meat all.

    And before I left because I felt that some members here were corrupt and I was unable to call them out on that and even if I did, it wouldn’t possible to throw get them thrown out (in which those members are finally gone now and some changed their way for the better thanks to some certain members who figured it out, this was before I decided to defect to Cyclix.)

  6. When GSA got big years ago, we faced a problem. The FGSA problem.
    We were being invaded by hordes of fakes who disrespected our troops and our nation. To counter this, I envisioned a big, beautiful wall and I wanted these faggots to pay for it.
    Guess what I didn’t get?
    That big, beautiful wall.
    That’s why I left.

  7. Pretty much Jason.

    But how things in GSA have changed to much for me to fit in like a normal GSA Member

  8. Mostly Jason but he’s not here.

    But mostly because GSA had changed over time for me to fit in as a normal GSA member, just don’t feel comfortable here, and I’m about idk clans anymore now.

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