GSA Chat Role Reforms

I have currently changed, and edited the roles in the GSA Chat. Giving more permissions to Mods and WV’s while separating our members into Officers and Enlisted. As of today, Mods will be something earned. Being a Moderator is a serious responsibility, so to reflect that, only those who show discipline, responsibility, and respect for not just GSA, but also the Laws and Rules will be given the Role of Moderator. War Veterans will be under a moderator role as well, with less permissions, and will still need to show such responsibility, respect, and discipline. Though in Rank War Veteran and Veteran are the same thing, in chat they will be two completely different roles, WV’s are Mods, while Vets are just members, permission wise of course. If you think you are fit to be a mod, talk to one of the FG and we will see if you meet the qualifications. Like always there are special cases and considerations. The qualifications and guidelines for each role can be found in the Chat page of the site.

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11 thoughts on “GSA Chat Role Reforms

  1. There’s so many unnecessary roles. Being a Veteran means that you’ve retired and you don’t want responsibility. The War Veteran role is contradictory to what the Veteran role was made for. Veterans shouldn’t have the powers moderators do. Moderators are rewarded for staying in GSA and being active, once you become a Veteran you’re not supposed to be rewarded. The Veteran tag shows that you’ve been loyal to GSA for a long time, you are not above or below anybody because you’ve chosen to leave the system.

      1. Actually no wait, this divides our members up further. Officers and Enlisted? Some of our recruits are more active than their “Officers” and with the title you’re making it seem like Officers are better. You should seriously just combine the two and turn it into “members”.

        Though I won’t be 100% content with the following, but I’ll settle for putting the long-time members, like Axe and Snipa, for example, into the role of “Officers”. The members that have been here for more than a year don’t deserve to be belittled.

      2. So what are you saying, grant more “power” ? Look at it this way, each rank higher you are, the more authority you have, and, more responsibility. We can’t just allow all officers to be able to promote or demote members, it would be hectic. They already have unofficial abilities such as, the power to lead groups/colonies, and host servers for games, adding on to the chat powers most have.

      3. So basically what you’re saying is you don’t want there to be a divide in our members. If that is truly the case than there shouldn’t be any ranks at all. Otherwise there will always be a divide in the members. And the members that have been here for over a year? That’s a bit sad if you’re still enlisted if you’ve been in gsa for over a year. Every single member in this clan has the ability to rank up and get promoted, if they want to be an officer, than get promoted to Lt or above. Additionally, not all veterans in chat are mods, only those who are responsible and disciplined enough to be one have those permissions. I’m just showing a bit of respect to people who should be honored for their service. Just because you don’t like and apreciate something doesn’t mean no one else will. When I get a couple more complaints or dissatisfaction from additional members of gsa, not just you, than I’ll change it.

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