Well It looks like this voting session has come to a close with option 1 leading with 6 votes.

Buckle up ladies and gents, our next vote session determines who leads the clan.

This is a vote for which format the new Founder’s Group should take.

(6) Option 1: A more regular format, with 1 CL, 1 Vice Leader (GA), and 3 Supremes

(5) Option 2: A tri-leadership of 3 CL’s and a number of Supremes

17th 11 EST

Due to the closeness of the vote, I’m going to extend the run time until Monday at 11 PM EST.

 hue hue hue. ~Jonb7's signature (NBG)

45 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Although I’ve always wanted a tri-leadership government again, I think we need proper leadership right now, and things to be as least complicated as possible. Once we’re in a comfortable state again, we can revisit the tri-leadership idea.

    I vote Option 1.

  2. Option 2

    Please see past my name. Whatever you have against me please, for the future of this clan, ignore it. This vote is very important and will determine the fate of our clan for at least the next year.

    The Clan Leader can and will get away with almost anything. Back in Xat days, Ajbenius bypassed laws and broke rules. He banned and kicked people if people disagreed with him. Jeepdino did the latter, freely. All the rest of the current FG members have, in the past, been relatively inactive. Banana is the only current FG member who has always tried to do the right thing, and in his 1-2 years of leadership he has only made one wrong decision and one selfish decision. I don’t want one person having unlimited power in this clan. Just look at the possible ways this can go wrong. Power corrupts, clans have proven that, especially GSA.

    If we go with Option 1 and we make the wrong decision a number of us will be miserable. If we go with Option 1, all the laws are irrelevant, and only the opinion of our one sole leader matters. With Option 2, there’s three people. If they disagree on something they can refer to the law or a people’s vote. Option 2 is a safer choice and I see no reason to choose Option 1 over Option 2 other than the fallacy that one leader can make quicker decisions than 3. It’s fallacy because, once elected, if the one of the three leaders does something without asking first, they’re not going to get fired just because of that. The difference is that if one or the other two people disagree, they can undo whatever the initial clan leader did. Hopefully you’re following my logic.

    So yeah, Option 2.

    1. I am referring to Xat days because when there was the FG, there were Supremes and COOs. Supremes got away with literally anything and if the COOs spoke against them, it didn’t matter. They wouldn’t get impeached for doing stupid shit, even if it was outright breaking laws. Yes I am referring to Ajbenius.

      Also it proves that power corrupts. It’s better to spread power between three people than give all of it to one. The Grand Advisor has no say in what the Clan Leader does if they disagree on something. Singular Clan Leader means that they have all the power. Decision making and chat powers. GA and Supremes (in option one) are just given chat powers, don’t pretend that it’s anything else.

    2. great post, except
      1. Stop being so salty
      2. If I was corrupt, pzk wouldn’t be in the running for FG,
      3. The second option was originally MY idea. -_- so don’t even try to tell me I’m corrupt and option 2 is heaven on earth.
      4. FG/council can already make changes whenever they want. They only need to be voted on when someone challenges it. I’m just being nice.
      5. The CL can NOT do whatever he pleases. If that was true. Jason would be here. If you knew the rules once you would know that the CL cannot oppose democratic vote.

      1. 1. Hey. No.
        2. Well I mean you’re not THAT evil.
        3. idc
        4. People cannot make votes, if the CL disagrees with something the people need a 2/3rd vote.
        5. Dude it took 3 fucking years to overthrow Jason are you kidding?

        1. Can’t see what you’re replying to on mobile.

          People can ask for votes to be made. If there’s a strong backlash for a change it gets voted on. That’s how it’s always been done and it’s how it was done under the council too.

          Jason? 3 years? Get on my level, it took me a day. Gigoto doesn’t count, he tried force. I used democracy.

      2. 2. You also made me miserable, I think I remember the times when you thought I was annoying. I wasn’t even spamming you just thought whenever I clicked enter it was annoying that you ordered me to stop talking. You seriously let that rank get to your head. “I’m your superior don’t talk back or question me.” Something along those lines, does that ring a bell? I mean you repeated that OVER AND OVER to the point where it was so unbelievably frustrating that I went through a phase where if I saw you in Xat after joining, I’d just leave instantly. Stop pretending that you’re anyone’s superior. By rank, technically yes, just because you have a higher rank doesn’t mean you’re always right.

        1. When was this? I wouldn’t order you to stop talking. Only about whatever you were talking about that was wrong. I do remember defending you from Jon for forever and a day.

        2. Had to be something you were talking about that was wrong. Not just talking.

      3. I remember clearly. Back when I came from my 2 month break everyone thought I was annoying, some thought I was funny, but you were the only one who actually acted on it. You and Aj. When Gigoto was in power he did the same.

    3. Aj isn’t here. He doesn’t matter. If you think someone broke a law, there’s a trial for that. Are you referring to people crying because I kicked them for 10 seconds after they broke rules? You were fine with the FG returning until we said it was too late for you to join. And this is proving why we were right to tell you no.

    1. How’s Option 2 harder? The 3 CLs will have equal power, they can do things independently and if they disagree on something they can undo whatever they want. On big decisions, the people have to vote on it.

    1. I wasn’t sure, 2 supremes seems like too few, so if we wanted 3 or more, we’d need to hire more people to the FG

      1. i think that would be needed anyway, i was thinking 3 at least and 5 at most. If we do go for the tri leadership. I like both options, but i just like having one leader compared to three

  3. Can’t quite decide. 2 I prefer, but we tried that and it didn’t work out.
    Ah, what the hell. I vote option 2. Let’s put some effort into it, this time.

      1. Well, yea, but we were going to change it. And, look how things have been. xP
        But, I guess there’s really nothing wrong with the system- It’s just lack of motivation.

        1. Hardly. The supremes have similar powers to the CL’s, but the CL’s would Balance eachother. The FG still has inner Ranks.

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