Discovery Freelancer

So basically, I found this really cool free MMO RPG in spaaaaaaace.

Wet in the pants yet? K Gud. To get this sexy beast of a game up and running(it’s from 2003 so don’t worry any shitbox of a computer you own will run it just fine.)Visit the following site:

The set up procedure is a little complicated one you’ve downloaded both files. What you’ll basically want to do is make sure all the .rar files are extracted and anything that requires installation has been installed. Once you have the Discovery mod downloaded install that as well.

You’ll need to place the Freelancer Application from the Cracked folder into the same folder as your Commons.dll file. As follows: Do this first. After you’ve followed the instructions in the various read me’s. Also don’t worry if some stuff fails or doesn’t really work, I had that issue too but the game still works for me. After you’ve installed the game, the Discovery mod and done what’s in this print screen, open the discovery mod up, it’ll load shit for a little while in a fancy GUI. Once it’s done you’ll get a green button in the top right corner saying “Launch Game.” Once it loads you can start playing multiplayer on all the available servers, once you join a server it’ll make you create a character. I personally use the Official Discovery 24/7 RP server, that’s the one most of us will be using if you join, that way I can help you. Hopefully I made the complicated installation a little easier in my ramblings here, it took me a bit to figure out and I didn’t want anyone else to struggle.






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  2. I can’t even install proper I am that stupid.

    Also, anyone realize that Blackbird is stalking GSA way too much? Talk about obsession.

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