Steam Group

I know there has been a post previously about our steam group, but i’d like to remind y’all that it’s there, and many are willing to play games. How about you comment below a few free games on steam that you think would be fun to play as a group.Steam pic

P.S. i guess since yall loved my pun so much, its gonna be my Signature


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15 thoughts on “Steam Group

  1. Like I said, there’s few games that are decent and free. The only ones I know of are:

    Team Fortress 2
    No More Room In Hell

    For those with a better PC?

    DC Universe Online
    PlanetSide 2

    Paid games to possibly look into:

    Garry’s Mod (Architecture)
    Counter Strike, Source, and/or Global Offensive
    Rust (Clan friendly)
    Space Engineers (Architecture)
    Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
    Guns of Icarus Online (Supports clan tags)
    Arma 2

    1. Planetside 2 and Space Engineers would be great for GSA, the size and scale of the both games can allow for some great strategy and roles for every member.

      Gmod not so much, unless we plan on being a gaming COMMUNITY rather than a gaming CLAN.

      DC Universe and Icarus are probably the least fitting imo.

      1. a gaming clan can easily play gmod, you need to think server wise, we can make our own server and host it, than from their have different gamemodes or make an RP server and actively recruit. Space Engineers would be nice if it was so glitchy when it came to mp, unless they fixed it? Im not big on serious shooters but planetside would be a decent game.

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