Founder’s Group

Thank you all for voting, this session is now closed. 🙂

This is a vote to restore proper ranking systems and power to the Founder’s Group. Rolling back from the Council, which has played it’s part in the sudden drop of power in GSA.

(+) 9

(-)  2

This vote will end on the 14th at 11 PM

[Bronze] What will the FG consist of, like what ranks. I just want it laid out lol.

[Jeep] We have 2 options at this point that we’ll need to decide between, we’ll discuss it tonight. 


24 thoughts on “Founder’s Group

  1. I want everyone to remember how the FG abused chat members while the Council didn’t. The Council isn’t the reason why GSA is dying, don’t pretend that it is. People started leaving, the Council doesn’t even have an indirect, let alone direct, correlation with that.

    1. You think the Council was the reason the GSA was going to build up its strength? The Council has been in place for a while now, and the GSA has been a ghost town since then. You left the Council, so don’t go talking about it like it’s the light in the darkness for the GSA

  2. If I was in GSA I’d vote this up, once the council was put in, everything kinda died down, When the FG was leading, GSA was a powerhouse and very popular (and hated, but that’s besides my point)


  3. +

    First thing I want to point out is that this is something we don’t want to rush. If we want GSA to survive, we will need to be a part of the PB2 community again. What we’re doing right now is killing GSA. We’re branching out into different games before we have a game to call our home. We’re essentially a nation without its homeland. We don’t have a main game at the moment, and I believe we should stick with the pb2 community until we’re really ready to move to a different game.

    And before someone says something… No we’re not ready to move to a new game.

    Now, before we can even think about just coming back to PB2, we need to get acquainted with other clans again. I want people to talk to agent sporto, who is the current leader of GeNo, Spirit, and get invites to GeNo chat. There, you can ask for invites to all kinds of chats, from Qualm, to BoZ (BoZ Chat is Members only so you won’t be able to read anything there). What we’re doing right now is essentially worse than BoZ. We’ve isolated ourselves from the PB2 community, which has led them to believe we’re dead. I know how much you guys hate being called “dead”, so instead of moping around waiting for someone to do something, help a brotha out!!!

    Let me get to the point: We need to get reacquainted with the PB2 clans, and start playing games with GeNo or Apex or any other pb2 clan. I’m not saying to just leave the games you’re currently playing now, I’m just asking to at least put some effort into getting GSA known again. We can’t just have the FG moving around because then we’ll only be known by the few leaders who will move to different Discord servers.

    (If I missed anything else feel free to add to my comment via replies.)

    1. *debate start*

      I disagree. Honestly PB2 isn’t enjoyable unless we have 5+ people on voice. We should stay in the PB2 community, without a doubt, but PB2 by itself isn’t fun. I think that we need to find another game (that is free) that we all enjoy. Grepolis is a good example. We played it, we had fun, etc. etc. We could totally play Colony together, or maybe Red Crucible or even TF2, but to strengthen our community, GSA, we can’t force people to like PB2.

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