Councillor Vote Election

My term ends March 1st, so I decided to make the signup sheet now. It probably should have been done earlier but we should be able to manage. If you want to sign up, comment and you will be added! The vote starts in two days, as does signup. If you have a speech, comment it and it will be added.

People Running:

  1. Pzk


You’ve had me as Councillor now for a month, and the results themselves speak for me. Since becoming Councillor, I have improved relations with GeNo (in certain areas), pushed involvement in other games, added an Archive page, updated all the pages on the site, updated the chat rules, updated the laws, reformed how members join, and expanded intelligence.

If you want to see results again, elect me for your new Councillor.

2. The Chosen One


I guess you can say this is my time to shine

I The Chosen One would like to become your next Councillor.

Now then ill make my speech its been along time since I made a official post like this but here goes.

Dear Members of GSA

our clan is on a decline…im sure that I Chosen is going to change that for the better. I want to start by saying if I win yay for me but if I lose OH well nothing gain nothing lost. we have been on a decline ever since the starting of mid 2014. im determined to change that for the better. making alliances and clan relationships better will improve our chances on living longer recruiting more people for our clan is the key on living longer. in short terms we will make more members and friends if we invite more people into our GSA Family. and moving MORE into Steam games like team fortress 2. another reason you should vote for me is that I have great friends to do this.

we have to do this in order for GSA to survive and for the better and im sure as your councillor I can make that happen and your wishes come true.

that’s all


All right, it’s time to vote!

First, some ground rules. Vote in the comments – no asking people to vote for you on chat with a screenshot – it  has to be you. Next, vote soon, because this vote ends in only three days – since my term is already technically up. All right, let’s do this.


The Chosen One: 1 Vote

Verifirs/Pzk M: 6 Votes





31 responses to “Councillor Vote Election

  1. As much as I hate pzk and don’t want him council, I also really don’t think chosen would be a good council member… So I vote for pzk :l

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