Addressing Criticism


This post contains some images. I want to address some criticisms I’ve seen directed towards me.

The last couple of days I’ve been monitoring several chats (also voice) in regards to conversations about me. The one that is most important here is XeavenH, where several GSA members regularly go.

Throughout my time as Councillor, I’ve tried to keep things as democratic as possible. I’ve had input from the clan in all of my posts as well as votes. This was to ensure that the outcomes were what GSA wanted. Obviously, I am doing something wrong on some level. During my time I have accepted any criticism people have given me and I would have appreciated it quite a bit if the following had been told to me firsthand.

None of this is what I wanted.

I don’t want to kill GSA, and I don’t want to be a “Jason”. I have no intentions of staying past my term and I am willing to accept any and all criticism in order to change for the better.


If I have any shit ideas, I would love your input on them so I can change them.


Again, I would like to know how to stop myself from taking GSA “down shit road”.



I don’t want anyone to be scared of me.



Everything I have done is the opposite of assume power for myself. I’ve tried to be as democratic as possible. I’m sure Jeep would like to see that last part.



A lot of people are criticizing me for isolationist policies – though all I have tried to do is stop GSA members from communicating with banned members.


All in all, this is what I have to say about this.

Stop. Just stop. The reason why I ran for Councillor (and I think, won) was to get rid of useless drama and problems arising every five minutes. I think that by ripping out a lot of useless programs in GSA I accomplished some of that, but unfortunately, I cannot change people’s minds for them. If people are going to continue doing this – complaining without doing anything about it – there is no point in attempting to change this clan.

If you see a problem, fix it. If you can’t fix it, tell me. If I’m the problem, tell me anyway.

I want what is best for this clan, and moving forward, I hope to see more of what people truly think.


Bonus Picture:

The kek is top.




42 thoughts on “Addressing Criticism

  1. Literally all this hate generated towards you is because of this Rule 44 edit. The vote was obviously rushed, it was given 2 days for the voting term to end and the post wasn’t stickied (and not to mention it’s such a shit idea)–not many GSA members saw the post, let alone vote on it. The problem doesn’t completely originate from you, though, Arthur has encouraged a lot of hate towards you, constantly “calling you out” and spreading false rumors such as saying you wanted to isolate XeavenH from GSA.

    When the vote was made, there were older votes that were stickied which most likely misled people to believe there were no new posts. What you can do is make an actual rule 44 vote, one that lasts longer than the minimum time and one that is actually stickied so every GSA member can see it. What the vote did, which totally wasn’t cool, was affect who we could talk to and the following is extremely fucking stupid. Kera is dating Blackbird, someone on the ban list. Jeep hasn’t said anything against rule 44 but is protecting her and you’re doing nothing about it. This would be fine, but you punished Jon for having the role “Gigoto’s Secretary” on XeavenH chat as a joke. Also, you have a “free speech” chat with everyone involved, but according to the rule 44 edit we aren’t allowed to say anything to banned members, which is also extremely fucking stupid. The two things I just mentioned have been mentioned a few times in XeavenH chat.

    (P.S. just saying, Chosen is being a hypocrite since he voted in favor for the rule 44 change)

  2. So I know this is out of place but, I am Michaelwar, I used to be a Colonel in GSA about 3-4 years ago, and now that I’m back I’m confused by this new system and I can’t seem to get to a chat or contact anyone.

  3. FYI, let me just explain to you something regarding your ideology on Isolationism. It doesn’t work. I’ve proven that before back in our old little “wars”. You cannot control who the populace of the GSA chooses to communicate with due to the strong possibility of close bonds and friendships being established.

    Ex.: Me and Kera. You all gave Kera a tough time just because she socialized with me in a positive manner yet in no way was she a threat nor was i. I don’t even know why i’m still banned. To be honest, the extent of my “crimes” committed against GSA aren’t even in the general aspect of seriousness. People like Gigoto, yeah ban the shit out of them. Especially Serpent. However in comparison to a great many of your enemies, i am the lowest on the list. I don’t even care to attack GSA or whatever, you all just need to realize that sometimes i find it fun to fight.

    So, as i am probably sure you all are already coherent, i request yet another trial to be un-banned. This time i expect less complexity in matter and more diplomacy and therapeutic conversations. Failure to deliver these demands will result in absolutely no action other then peaceful protests on my part.

  4. I understand that some GSA members are not very fond of you, but you are the only one best experienced and well suited to acquire the title as ‘Councilor.’ While the other councilors seem to show no progression to maintain the clan. It is almost like they are not needed to keep the clan alive. Well, at least that could remain to be seen as well I do find it in my point of view.

    Keep up your best to try to resolve the issues in this clan. GSA is basically surviving with toothpicks and glue at the moment while it also relies on activity to keep it functioning.

        1. Might be the truth, but people should have the common sense to be specific, especially when the people making such comments don’t really do anything to better the situation themselves. Just a little courtesy that’s due, or a matter of manners. Which if someone doesn’t have is quite shameful.

      1. Alright, if you guys want me to specify which of the councilors. Then I will go ahead and point which

        Eagle613 – despite he has been apart of the GSA for a long time, he has been one of the most severely inactive member. Nearly has been for most of the entirety of 2015. During my service as President, he has been starting to get less active because he has ”school” or etc. I think by now if someone is going to be inactive for a certain amount of time. I suggest the clan shall appoint another member who is more active and well suited to take temporary take the role as a councilor. Same goes to Ajbenius. By now, some of shall understand that he is only councilor who is unfit for a high position. Considering that he is the Kim Jong-Un of this clan.

        Jeep, he’s alright. Not the best councilor of all time but I see he is actually still active here and still maintains the pages here, I’ll give him that.

        And as for you Rinzler. I know you well that you are also suited to take on the responsibility to keep this clan alive. I know you can do better than Nighthawk in that case.

        I am gonna be honest for now, I don’t know how you guys will keep up, GSA has gone a long way since the EKAT war. If going by the same way by going to another game like how Jason and Blaze22B did by leaving SWBF, best to start recruiting from that said game instead. I wish this clan good luck.

  5. Hmph.

    I will have you know that I’m incredibly witty, You’ve never seen any of my horrible pun wars. >:c

    I will also have you know, that Pzk making a power grab would mean an instant demo-firing trial.

      1. Couldn’t you just hold a normal gun backwards? Also- you wouldn’t be firing yourself, you’re firing the gun at yourself

  6. I’m sure if we’ve learned anything in these years past, it’s that I’m always right.

    So, I shall grace you with the solution to all of these problems.

    1. Locate your ass.
    2. Reach within.
    3. Remove the stick you have firmly lodged up there.
    4. Chill out and grow up.

    My dentist says if you follow these steps, everyone will be better off because of it.

    1. I think that’s a job for a proctologist, not a dentist…
      Anyways, you should join Discord. We’ve missed you. :p

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