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Yeah, I’m not going to be returning to GSA. The thought of retiring from GSA has been on my mind ever since The Order officially started getting clans to join them back before it was taken down. Now, I’m going through with this, and I’m afraid no one is going to persuade me to come back. I’ll be posting honorable mentions on this post to members that have really had an impact on me. Retired and active.

To Eagle613: You. You are the member I trust the most in GSA. The only one I could think of who could lead this clan, and I hope you are able to get more active in the future to try and bring this clan back, but I’m tired of the stress of running a complicated clan like this. There are way too many broken systems in this clan that most of the members refuse to acknowledge. Anyway, we met a long ass time ago in 2013 when Deadspace3 recruited me. Man did you hate me, but I’m so glad Jason brought us together. I hope we can keep in contact even when we leave the community whenever we decide to leave.

To Bravo: You’re the next member I’ve been able to trust the most. Even though we don’t always agree on things, I never want the banter to affect our friendship. You’re an awesome person and I’m glad we’ve had this friendship in GSA. Our’s will be a friendship that lasts, like mine with Eagle’s.

To Jeepdino: You were an inspiration to the average member back in 2013 when I joined. You were very skillful in that silly old flash game called Plazma Burst 2, and you sure did school me many a time. You’re the reason I played so much of PB2 to finally got in the Top 100 in 2014 to represent GSA, and to let the community know that GSA wasn’t dead.

To Rinzler: You are the most unbiased guy I know, and that’s a good thing when it comes to an overly complicated clan such as this. Make sure you never take sides in GSA, and if you have to, choose GSA as your side. Never side with an individual in an overly complicated clan like this because that individual will only be in it to make him or herself more “powerful”.

To Buzzard1: Oh boy, did GSA have a grudge on you for defecting to Cyclix, and I don’t blame ya. I took you and Monkey’s defecting to Cyclix as a wake-up call, and tried to get GSA back into PB2, but that ultimately failed. I know it’s getting cheesey with all the “you’re a great friend” and all, but I mean it 100% when I say you’ve been an important friend of mine, and I’m glad we’ve been able to bond like the other close friends in and outside of GSA. PS: You were probably the best President we had during 2014 or 2015, so kudos to you buddy.

To Leejay: Back in 2013, you made me really like being in GSA. That promotion you gave me for being a loyal member still sticks with me, and I’m glad you gave it to me. It gave me an initiative to do better, to strive to be a better member, so I could pay you back for that gift. And I hope I did pay you back, because I tried my best to lead this clan, to fix it, and I hope I didn’t fail. I hope my work wasn’t in vain.

MustangBilly: Hey buddy, wow do we get in a lot of fights. I’m so glad it never conflicts with our friendship, and I hope it never does. You’re an awesome guy with the biggest heart, and I hope you can share that with the world when you grow up.

LegendaryBenny: You’re literally the funniest person I met in GSA, and I’m glad we’re friends and able to keep in contact on Kik. You probably won’t read this because you rarely get on here, but if I was a girl, I’d lowkey tap that. lmao ily #nohomo

XForce: We use to be the best of friends back in 2013-2014, and I’m sort of sad our friendship isn’t as strong as it use to be, but I’m glad we’ve had a friendship at the very least. You’re a very loyal member of GSA, and loyalty is a quality that is the most desirable in clans. I’m glad you’re loyal to this one.

To the rest of GSA: You really need to think on what you want to do next. This Council thing isn’t working, and all it has done is caused un-needed drama in GSA. The Founder’s Group was the most successful part of GSA. I would also like to mention that Pzk’s demonizing of other clans isn’t what an elected official of the people of GSA should be acting like. GeNo’s harboring of Blackbird isn’t something to hate them for. Their’s is a goal of understanding him and helping him become a better person, and that is a goal I would want to help. Pzk, you really need to be unbiased when it comes to leading a clan, and spreading your anti-GeNo bullshit is kind of useless. To be perfectly honest, I think the best course of action to help GSA would be to make things less complicated. Take away ranks, make simpler rules, make site easier to explore. There’s so much stuff to be done, and I hope you all think long and hard on what you do next. I don’t want what I’ve done for GSA to all be in vain.

[GSA]. This tag will always have a place in my heart.

I’ma Banana,






46 thoughts on “That’s All Folks

  1. Remove ranks?

    Site easier to explore…how?

    And…what’s wrong with the rules?

    Also- am offended that the only nice thing you had to say about me was “You used to be good at snipers” ;-;

  2. Can you imagine how hard it is to type this with A Team playing in the background? It’s heartbreaking lmfao. As crazy, perverted and stupid I can be at times, I’m smart enough to know you’re one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to GSA. I’m glad to have played against, talked to and even got kicked by member such as yourself xD 😀 You’ll be missed tremendously by the GSA. Thank you for the contributions you’ve made to this clan Reaper. I’ll miss ya man 😦

  3. thank you banz for along time… for supporting the clan to full and now I see you are leaving now and… ya… nice to be a firend with you and we will still be friends

    again thank you
    for all of your hardwork


      1. I’ve been alive, lately someone told me to check on the site because all sorts of delicious drama had occurred, and I wasn’t disappointed. :3
        There’s been all sorts of tryhard posts about laws and this that and the other from Pzk and co., so I didnt bother saying anything, but seeing my old friend retire made it worth my time to say anything. c:

  4. This is news to me, I can’t believe Banz, is leaving us. Man, I’m somewhat saddened I didn’t make it onto your honorable mentions, but If you think this is for the best don’t let any of us stop you. You were a valued member and an incredible leader, so I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and I’ll erect a statue of your accomplishments somewhere, you totally earned it.

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