Kera = Not a Recruit

Kera cannot be a GSA recruit … yet.

Why is this? Well, we have two reasons.

First of all, we must recognize that Blackbird is banned.


OK, that’s pretty strong evidence. Next, let’s find out if it’s legal to be with a banned person.


Nope, apparently not. Now let’s see if she did something illegal.


(heart) Blackbird? Yeah, that’s pretty bad.


OK I think that clears it up – let’s not bring it up again for two weeks please.


16 thoughts on “Kera = Not a Recruit

  1. Now this pisses me off. I wasn’t even in GSA when I was with blackbird, and I broke up with him today. So, what’s the fucking issue? I didn’t break no damn rules, I wasn’t in GSA. So I don’t see how this effects me, really.

  2. Weird how higher ranking members of Gsa can work with Blackbird and everyone’s ok with it, but when a recruit dates Blackbird, everyone loses their shit.

    Hypocrisy is strong in this one

        1. Because if you post something on another website they can get your email or IP, and then they can cyber attack you. It’s what Blackbird said he did, and that’s why the law was made.

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