Space Engineers Colony

Space Engineers is a game about building things in space. You can build ships, stations, weapons -anything you want. There are even planets that you can land on!

This is the perfect game for GSA. It suits us really well. So far, these are the people playing this game: Sniper, Me, Chosen, and Axe.


A couple guys working on a station.


A player made mining vehicle at work.


Some guy standing around in a badass station.


Vehicle sex?


Space Engineers is awesome, but here are the cons:

  • Price. I got the Legendary Edition for 18 bucks on Amazon, but I’ve seen it at around 25 on Steam. It’s a little pricey but in my opinion it’s worth it.
  • Bad optimization. Many of you probably won’t be able to load planets due to low FPS. This isn’t a problem with your computer, it’s a problem with Space Engineers. However, remember it’s still in beta so it will be optimized. I’m not planning on doing planets though because it’s not GSA’s style.

All in all, consider buying this game, it’s great!


18 thoughts on “Space Engineers Colony

  1. I tell you guys “Hey we should colonize Space Engineers!” way back when and you guys are like “Nah we’ll wait for a game that’s probably never gonna come out” and now you’re like “OOOOOH What’s this Space Engineers game we’ve only just seen!” You people make me sad. Anyways, I play this game as well, and I have an actual GSA fighter design that I didn’t get from the workshop this time!

      1. Lmfao, typical.
        Set up better defenses. Program all chainguns to target Sniper, and set up a reliable solar array. And make sure you have room for a decent hangar.

        Also, @superkiller85 can’t you use the blueprint to use the hologram, and mass produce it? Also, i don’t think you’ve shown me your newest fighter…

      2. Oh btw, i plan to make ‘buzz droids’, so that might be a good add on. How about giving the fighter some modularity? Put a connector somewhere, and you can make some interchangeable extras.

      3. I like it Jon. I like it. But sadly no, the fighter itself just resembles the shape of the Vulture droid, so no transitioning to other thrusters for landing purposes. And Buzz Droids would be pretty cool, perhaps the connectors could hold Buzz droids and send them off to battle?

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