Why Are These Reforms Necessary?

A couple months ago I made a post about the state of GSA and how we have been falling in popularity. A link is right here.

Now that 2015 is up and we have one month under our belt, I decided to do an estimate to see how we are faring in comparison to the last year. This will help us estimate just how much we need to improve this year.



  • 9,680 visitors
  • 732 posts
  • View to Post ratio: 195 views/post



  • 7,409 visitors
  • 345 posts
  • View to Post ratio: 218 views/post


2016 (Current and Predictions):

  • 503 visitors —> 4,573 visitors
  • 3,849 views —> 42,670 views
  • 20 posts —> 182 posts
  • 328 comments —> 2982 comments
  • View to Post ratio: 192 views/post


We are behind our place at this time in 2015 according to stats. To keep up, we should be around 815 unique visitors and at around 38 posts.

2014-2016 Views

If we don’t want the above prediction to ring true, we need to change.

Predictions for 2016 Views

This is why I want to reform GSA.

This is why I want to refocus from drama to actually playing games.


I will be revisiting this post as the year goes on to see if my prediction is true. I know it is difficult. I know we have lost many members, but we can do this.


9 thoughts on “Why Are These Reforms Necessary?

    1. Yeah I’m thinking about making a vote to make trials restricted to more serious crimes. I mean, do we really need the entire clan sidetracked because someone hurt the feelings of someone else?

  1. We should have a rule of thumb- At least one game related post every week. As you said, we need to refocus our activity, and actually do something interesting.

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