Revamping Outdated Pages

As we have it right now – what with Bravo and Night leaving as well as the formation of the new Council – our site is outdated and is in sore need of updates. These updates will in no way affect the actual content of the pages idea-wise but will make them relevant.

Pages to be updated

  • War Record (will add Order)
  • Colonies (will add future colonies like Rust or CS:GO)
  • Steam Group (will update to our current one)
  • EKAT Page (will remove Nighthawk)
  • National Guard Page (will remove Nighthawk)
  • ISC Page (will remove Nighthawk)
  • Members and Ranks (will remove Bravo, Nighthawk, Kera)
  • Founder’s Group/Sub FG page (will remove completely)
  • Council Rules (will remove Nighthawk, Bravo)


Pages I want to update but may require a vote:

  • Laws Page (to add/edit the laws from the law reform post)
  • Join Page (to edit join criteria – will be explained in a post)
  • GSA Chat (change the rules to reflect our new situation)

Member Suggestions:

  • Retire the NATGRD division.
  • Retire the TF99 division.
  • Retire the ISC division.
  • Retire the GSA-PD.


Keep in mind every single one of these pages will be archived for historical purposes – so do not worry about any loss of history whatsoever.



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