Kera leaving GSA

Kera is leaving GSA :/ she is leaving because
btw im making posts again so YAY to that.
it will be hard to come back to posting…

~Sgt of GSA

photo (2)


7 thoughts on “Kera leaving GSA

  1. Told her to not trust him (d) Not even hoping that she would remember it… Oh… And you know the war betwen MMc and GSA? Well… Obviouslly you know… At that moment I was MMC spy and later a leader of MMC… Sooo…. I spoked with Nighthawk a lot about some stuff involving some GSA secrets… I don’t even think this is importand since Nighthawk is completelly damned in this stuff… He lost his powers anyway… It’s a huge lost for GSA btw.

    1. [These are not judgments on her character or person]

      1. Caused drama 24/7
      2. Source of many problems with Night
      3. Other things that I wouldn’t mention here
      4. Never played games with GSA members

      1. 1 she rarely caused drama in main chat, though there are a few instances. 2 is irrelevant, if not for her, Night would be a soulless entity that just made fun of people without a care in the world. 3, k. 4, who cares?

      2. You have an extremely biased view of Night and you are disregarding the negative effects Kera had on him – which involve certain *very* dramatic events – which I won’t elaborate upon here.

        The final point is actually the most important, because GSA is, well, I don’t know…. a GAMING CLAN!

        This is exactly the problem. Too many people seem to think that gaming should be a secondary thing for us. No! We are a gaming clan and we should act like one.

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