Join Page Revamp Vote (OVER)

Right now, our system for making people join does not work. As we move more and more to Steam, we need to abolish our PB2-based recruiting system, or turn it into a hybrid system.


Make the changes (+): 5

Leave it alone (-): 0


The way it is now:

Players can be recruited if they have one of these traits:

  • 1000 kills in PB2.
  • Must have PB2 profile (not optional).
  • Outstanding aspect to personality, or have great potential or skill in PB2.
  • Mature, sensible, grammatically correct, respectful, loyal, and trustworthy.
  • Excellent at playing PB2.

And of course the code of honor/the form the recruiter has to fill out.

My Proposed Changes:

To join, three things are required:

  1. A Discord account.
  2. A Steam account.
  3. At least ONE game that GSA plays (Includes PB2)

Recruiter has to fill out a form.

Code of Honor has to be filled out.

[Sniper] Replace with screenshot of them joining Steam Group.

[Pzk] nah

As you can see, we need to change the system. I will add to the proposed changes based on the comments this post receives and soon we will vote on it. Please comment if you have any ideas.




23 thoughts on “Join Page Revamp Vote (OVER)

  1. We should get rid of the Code of Honour. Its not like it stops spies, it just slows down the system. Why not replace it with something useful, like a screenshot of them joining the GSA Steam Group.

      1. The steam profile could be swapped out with a PB2 profile (Or maybe we just make them make a steam acc?). And EVERYONE can screenshot. Its built into all versions of windows.

        1. not everyone knows how to do it without lightshot, I had it explained and I still didn’t

  2. My computer is already filled with other better games, (World of warships for example). And my computer is a bit outdated. For mobile I’ve got apps such as vega conflict, or world of tanks blitz (iphone version).

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