Chat Laws Reform (OVER)

Discord is a new platform, and thus requires new laws. I personally do not think that a major reform is needed, but some necessary edits have to be made.


Update the laws (+): 6

Leave them (-): 0


My proposed changes:


1. No spamming or flooding. (Add to include bot spam.)

2. No constant flaming or cursing.

3. No spamming of inappropriate content or the use of sexual vocabulary.

(Remove sexual vocabulary – this happens all the time)

[Jeepdino]: Keep the sexual vocabulary rule.

[Sniper]: No. No one enforces it and it happens all the time. Its just a rule thats used when someone pisses you off and you want an excuse to kick them, which ain’t good.

4. Be respectful to others and use common sense to guide your actions.

5. No usage of pornographic and/or inappropriate content; this includes any images, links, videos. (This is the same as 3.)

6. You cannot post “jumpscares” and/or links with malicious purposes/intent in public chat. (This is the same as 3.)


Extra rules for GSA Members ONLY:

1. Your GSA tag must be on at all times in the GSA chat.(In your name)

2. If you are not signed in to a Discord account that has a username that reveals your identity, you must use your correct Steam username in the chat.

3. You must follow GSA Law in the GSA chat, (This is already obvious, because it is law that applies in any situation, however this is a reminder of this fact.)

4. People in two or more tensioned clans will be considered to be enemies.  So if there are such people on the chat, GSA members must guest-ban them.

5. GSA members who are given the chance to be promoted to a higher Discord rank (ex. Mod, Owner) can only receive said rank if they have a Discord account. (This rule is especially enforced on the Council)

(Chat promotions probably shouldn’t happen – except for maybe the addition of specific benefits for seeing certain chats, etc.)

6. You cannot try to trick another GSA Member into clicking a link with malicious purposes/intent.

(This doesn’t belong in the “GSA Members Only” category and is the same as Rule 3)

Punishments for non-GSA Members (In Order):

1. non-member will be guested or kicked as a warning if he/she is in any way breaking chat laws or being disruptive, insulting, or condescending in any way in the GSA chat.

(Kicking is exceptionally harmful in Discord, so I propose creating a Discord role where the person cannot read nor type in the main chat, rendering them useless.)

2. non-member will be banned if completely intent on only causing disruption of any kind or breaking GSA chat laws.


Punishments for GSA Members (In Order):

1. Individual will be kicked once, and instructed about the law that he/she broke.

(Instead of this, add them to the punishment role as I described above.)

2. If Individual breaks the same law again, he/she will be guested temporarily until deemed fit to re-enter the chat. (Mods/Owners should talk to this member about what he/she did wrong, and will make the member promise to not commit the act again.)

(Instead of this, a kick could be provided with an invite the next day)

3. If Individual breaks the law multiple times after this, the individual may be guested for an indefinite time period or banned temporarily or indefinitely. (Note that indefinitely doesn’t mean forever.)


  • Get rid of useless roles like “KKK” or “Babe”. -Sniper
  • Give the “Guest” role only to special members from other clans (i.e. leaders). -Sniper

As you can see, several edits have to be made. Post your thoughts down below and soon we will vote on the issue.



10 thoughts on “Chat Laws Reform (OVER)

  1. We should get rid of the useless roles. Such as “Really Cool Guys” or “Babe”

    And keep the “Guests” role for special people only, such as diplomats. -or just get rid of it entirely.

  2. Just because it happens all the time, doesn’t mean it should be removed. It means it needs to be enforced.

  3. Chat promotions need to happen- your ownership due to councilship is a promotion.

    I think rule 6 is more towards viruses and such.

    Didn’t we try that?

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