Am leaving GSA

Charlie aka Night was a big part of my life in this clan thingy-ma-doo-hicker and basically I’m going to vent a lot in this post.

5 years ago I was depressed. Little old middle schooler me was lonely and had never had to take a test before. I was introduced to PB2 and through that I joined GSA chat. Early 2013 I joined GSA chat and fuck, it was awesome. You guys helped me stay sane and you didn’t even know it, I just enjoyed trolling on the chat. Come late 2014 I make loads of new friends in my new school and I didn’t need you guys, but I felt a great obligation to stay as I didn’t want to leave my friends behind. It’s really gone too far, the “council” tag gave me a responsibility over boys with fake toys. Now what happened is a really good excuse to leave GSA but I won’t be leaving entirely. I’ll still have fun or whatever with you guys etc. etc. who gives a fuck, but I’m really tired of the drama. Like… holy shit, I’ve had a lot funny laughs, made friends, but I’m going to release the anchor from the ocean. I don’t want this affecting my real life. Just read what happened and you’ll see.

Story between Charlie and myself–feel free to skip but it gives more meaning to why I felt so betrayed when he revealed that there was no “Gwen” controlling his computer

Tl;Dr Charlie is a terrible person

Charlie was an asshole. This isn’t debatable, he even said it himself, but after he met Kera he was A-OK, so I made friends with Kera. The is first time I talked about real shit with anyone, and through her I made friends with Charlie. Now, I cannot emphasize this more, Kera was like my best friend and Charlie was on a lower level but when we talked he didn’t give much input. When he opened up to me I gave him helpful advice but when I opened he basically just replied “lol” or “lmao” and he never thanked me for any of the bullshit he put me through, but I really, really enjoyed having someone to talk to. If you want specifics about said “bullshit”, go ahead and message him or Kera. So, we come to discord, and a little bit after I comment on how I found it annoying that he was saying lovey dovey stuff every 5 seconds, so in turn Charlie decided to tell Kera not to talk to me and I think he also turned Jeep against me. He doesn’t say sorry about it, we forget about it. Then the Gwen bullshit comes and he fucking manipulates me, throws our friendship away, manipulates me for four days straight sends me bullshit paragraphs on Reddit and pretends to want to hear my opinion, complains to me about how he even got any punishment aka 2 weeks fucking probation. You know, later when I asked him to apologize for the Pzk thing he accused he of not believing him about the Gwen thing, and what’s really stupid is that I fully believed his story. He gave me fake evidence and all and I believed it. Now, I’m revealing this because Charlie showed everyone what I told him (which also says this), but Kera threatened to end it all unless he admitted to what he did. Well, the piece of shit decided to use her threats against me, guilting me and typing in all caps “YOU THINK I’D HURT HER? YOU KNOW ME WTF”. Later, he finally apologizes for the Pzk thing. We have an argument and then he takes back apologizing to me earlier. He then apologizes for that, including arguing. Apparently he’s “changed”. Unfortunately, the apology is made null when he comes to argue more. So, you see a trend now, he only likes apologizing privately but he doesn’t want anyone else to know. Basically Eric Cartman. More of the argument goes on, and eventually (I don’t know if this story is fake or not) his brother calls him stubborn and then he is sorry, he apologizes, blah blah blah blah. I really didn’t care at that point. I told him about how I felt, him ignoring me, all the shit he’s done, but no apparently the apology was for everything, he gets a new girlfriend etc. etc. ok now here’s where it gets actually interesting.

Events and my leaving

So, Charlie reveals it wasn’t Gwen and that it was him. I HAVE NEVER HATED SOMEONE MORE IN MY LIFE. He tells his new girlfriend that he did it for her after only knowing her for 4 days, so it really pisses me off that he doesn’t just say that he couldn’t keep the secret inside anymore but he did it for his new girlfriend. He doesn’t say sorry to me, I rush to make a vote before Charlie makes one for himself where it makes me out to be the bad guy. I am a simple guy, if you do something bad to me you just gotta say sorry, make it genuine, and I’ll forgive you. I know this lie has been kinda eating Charlie up but in his post he “forgives me”. I talked to him and he says if he apologized to me I wouldn’t accepted it. So basically, fuck him. At this point I just wanted Charlie to not feel happy and I found myself actually smiling every time he got hurt. What disturbs me is that I enjoyed seeing Charlie in pain, I insulted him and put him down every possible chance I got. I was trying to convince myself that after I insult him I feel empty inside but no, I was getting pleasure out of hurting the person who wronged me. It felt like justice was being done. (He also tells everyone my real name, fucking asshole.) Yesterday, Charlie was telling me this bullshit sob story about how he valued our friendship, but the main thing is that he said he was going to get revenge on me but Jeep talked him out of it. I talked to Jeep and he said that Charlie never talked about revenge. Charlie then says he was going to DDoS me and sends me irrelevant screenshots about his conversation with Jeep. I asked how and he said through the Order, so there’s this other thing involved but the person involved asked me not to involve them, so I’m just going to skip to the part where I tell Lucifer that Charlie mentioned this to me. So Luci goes on GSA chat, tells Charlie to stop threatening me. So I’m pretty sure Charlie is like Jeep’s only friend, sorry about that Jeep, but he goes to defend Charlie, and Charlie is telling me it’s not a threat but I don’t take it that way. Luci then goes to private chat with me and says that he’ll DDoS Jeep and Rinzler (his reason, for being an asshole, idfk why) and because I was defending Jeep for a brief moment he threatened me. I have dealt with threats before. First it’s only kinda scary, then more threats happen and it gets kinda funny, not scary at all… and then it happens. GSA members have been hacked before, and I don’t want this affecting my real life. I was going to leave on February 21st but Pzk decided to type in main chat what was going on so I just left Discord chat then and there. Fuck you for that, Pzk. Now, there wasn’t just drama from this whole Charlie incident, Jeep tends to take his anger out on other people and Aj is just a douche in general, and there have been insults tossed around but this was the final straw. I reiterate, I don’t want this affecting my real life.

You guys have overall been awesome to me, but I need one last favor. This decides whether I will hang around GSA Discord or not, because I just don’t want to see Charlie anymore. He’s a constant reminder of evil and he seriously has to pay for what he’s done.

Vote + here

I love you all (well, most of you), overall you have been awesome to me, but the sad truth is that the clan is going to fall apart unless you start enforcing rules. Aj and Jeep obviously have no place in leadership, and I was skeptical about Rinzler but he’s pretty cool. It really pained me to do this. I’ve made more friends outside of GSA, the best one (outside of the clan) being Lisabeth (ironically Night’s most recent girlfriend) and I need to thank you all for keeping me sane through the bullshit I went through in middle school. I’d tell you about the bullshit but this is already ~1500 words so I’ll stop. Just remember that you people mean a lot to me.



22 thoughts on “Am leaving GSA

  1. There’s one important thing I can only be vague about, which has to do with my fear of being DDoSed. Blackbird wanted Charlie and myself to be friends again, so he made a chat which both of us were supposed to be invited to. Well, we had a lengthy conversation in private chat and in it he sent a link to prove a point and I later found out that link had something to do with shady stuff. All it did was have a logo and a name. APPARENTLY it logged my IP and, well, I can’t really say more than that. If I don’t say anything about it I wont get attacked sooooo yeah.

  2. It is sad for you to leave the GSA. You did have quite an important role to support this clan. You did all your best to expose and reveal what Nighthawk has done and what kind of a person he truly is. His deception and his crimes in this clan should be enough for him to be branded as a traitor. Night only proved that he has became far worse than Gigoto and Blackbird. It was the best choice to get him removed from this clan before he could have done any damage to it.

    It is shameful that he has done all this to attempt to cover himself up to make look like he is innocent and is telling the truth. All to make you look like an asshole. But now that he has his punishment and has been fully kicked out of the clan. I feel like you deserved far better for trying to protect not just yourself but the entire clan itself.

    I wish I was still in service, if I was. You would have all my support and trust, you showed passion of a true GSA. And that should be remembered from everyone who is in this clan, I can see that. I hope others will.

    It has been great knowing you Bravo. I am sorry for what has been happening to you recently. I hope eventually it doesn’t affect your real life or any of that. If you are leaving, I wish you enjoy your life as anyway as possible and leave all this drama behind you.

  3. I didn’t say he didn’t want revenge. I told you he had a psychotic moment

    And wait, why are you mad at me? When do I take my anger out on other people?

    1. I’m mad because you defended him, and it’s a trend, whenever you’re stressed in real life you say “not in the mood” and get angry. Lately you’ve been pretty cool but I really don’t like how you still sided with him. And also when I asked you, you just replied “?” and I told Charlie why you didn’t say so and Charlie gave me a completely irrelevant screenshot that had nothing to do with “revenge” either he gave me a screenshot without any context or you’re covering for him.

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