Councillor Night (VOTE OVER)

[Banana]: Nighthawk is now kicked from GSA, he is no longer a member of the clan. I wanted to end this vote a little early because no more votes were coming in, and there was no way Night was coming back from this. It was also taking up a lot of space on the site, so yeah.

This is a vote to kick Councillor Night out of GSA. He has caused us much trouble for these past few months, let me remind and inform you:

Pzk scandal

Laws broken: 1, 41, and 42 (3rd degree penalty)

Jeep, Night, and Banana met together to banish a long-time GSA member Pzk even though he did nothing wrong. Nobody was informed of what Pzk did, and it was outlawed to even talk to him. I conducted an investigation, asking Jeep what happened, then asked Banana, then finally asked Night. The whole lie was based off of Night hearing that Pzk wanted all the (at the time) FG out of the clan. I went through much trouble, interrogating him for 3 days, going through lie after lie and him dancing around the subject. At the end of those 3 days, Banana finally stepped down from FG and took the fall for the team, undoing everything. I asked Night to apologize and he still believed he was right, even after Banana and Jeep made a post about why they were in the wrong. Night and I argued, he apologized personally to me and I told him to make a post. The next day he says he just apologized to me to shut me up. A week that and more bickering, Night again apologizes to me. I ask him to make a post and he says he will. It has been a week and he has yet to do so, and he has yet to pay for what he has done.

    Kicking everyone from chat and trying to take everyone’s WordPress powers

Laws broken: 1, 2, 23, 41, and breaking GSA chat rules (3rd degree penalty)

Night, pretending to be his ex-girlfriend who took his account, kicked everyone from Discord (which was undone by Banana), and tried to take everyone’s wordpress powers but before he took everyone’s, Jeep took away his and gave us our powers back. Night was put on trial for this. He manipulated me to defend him, guilted me into believing him, and lied to everyone. As far as the jury was concerned, Night’s ex-girlfriend took over his computer and that was the end of it. He was given 2 weeks probation, and complained about getting any punishment. Night, only today, admitted what he did. 2 weeks is way below a fair punishment for the trouble he has caused us.

Revealing Trusted Chat

Laws broken: none

Trusted chat was a chat created by me intended as a chat for trusted members. Before the Council, the FG kept secrets for a long period of time and eventually revealed it to the members. I supposed that I might as well make a chat that would include the Council and anyone we would completely trust. The chat was made on a Monday, and over the weekend I intended to add everyone that I forgot to add. In trusted chat, I discouraged anyone from chatting in it if was not important, preventing a divide. Night, angry from one of our arguments, revealed trusted chat. Not only did he provide a screenshot  of its existence in members only chat, but he posted it in public chat, which is completely unnecessary and uncalled for. I was forced to delete it. I’m sure many of you disagree with the formation of Trusted chat, but this was not the way to destroy it.

Third Degree:

Major Demotion (back to Rec.), Retrain (large session), or High Possibility of Banishment (Several Months or for LIFE).


Night lying about the Pzk scandal:

(taken from the post

Night pretending to be Gwen, and then lying and asking me to help him with the “Gwen” incident:

Night lying in trial:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 5.58.29 PM.png

Night revealing Trusted chat:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.09.12 PM

(he was being sarcastic)

I can’t find where he posted it in public chat, but I’m not lying. Axe can confirm this and Night hasn’t denied it.



Night had lied, cheated, and acted irrationally, as well as manipulate me. If the vote doesn’t pass, it shows that Council members can get away with anything. Night will not be banned from our Discord channel as a result of this vote, but he will be fired from GSA.

(11)  + if you support this

(0)  – if you don’t

Vote ends Wednesday 3:50 PM EST



69 thoughts on “Councillor Night (VOTE OVER)

  1. Wheres my drama button?! WHERES MY FUCKIN DRAMA BUTTON JONB!?

    Seriously tho

    I get that night lied and all, but if you’re gonna make a vote to fire someone, (and remove a council member) you need to put some laws in your post, and evidence.

    I won’t be voting until a proper post has been made, and I wouldn’t reccomend anyone else to either.

    1. Sniper… He doesn’t deserve to be in GSA. He’s a liar and a deceiving piece of shit. You should vote, whether it is yes or no, vote. He does. Not. Deserve. To. Be. In. GSA.

      1. *press*

        *spams more times than the Staples button was ever pressed in the history oh human and whalekind.*

  2. + im sorry nighthawk .-. but really you have been a good leader to us but… -.- really if you really ment to be here longer you should not have done this for the sake of GSA.

    goodbye if this goes thou .-.

  3. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  4. +
    After giving this much thought, I must support this due to numerous factors:
    1) Lying and losing our trust permanently.
    2) Making us sympathize with you because we thought you were our friend.
    3) Censoring a member.
    4) Wrongful banishment of a member.
    5) Sabotaging the site.
    6) Trying to delete site related things.
    7) Pulling a lie on top of another lie.

  5. Just a reminder that this doesn’t necessarily mean Nigthhawk is banned from GSA.

    Personally I would rather have this vote be to have him demoted to Rec to avoid the hastle and wait of the inevitable.

        1. Now I know why I never take you seriously when I was still in service maybe. But anyways, I don’t think it matters for me to know. At least now you done right for the clan.

  6. Since of his actions and of since of the entire thing i would vote minus… but since I like to not be on the BAN wagon (see what I did there?) I will not vote for either side… YA NEAUTRALITY!!!

    Wait… since i’m not voting why am I even talking…

    Oh right…

    BECAUSE I’M BATMAN!!! (Actually because I have the right of speech 😀 )

  7. I’m legit speechless. I’m somewhat disappointed that Night actually did this. But the real question is, if this goes through, what would be the consequences of our actions? I vote + regardless but there might be some huge repercussions for this.

        1. There’s always consequences toward someone’s actions Bravo. This is not likely to be taken lightly by some people.

  8. Hm…
    I vote for demotion. He’s undoubtedly committed crimes for which he must account for, but he’s still usefu- erm, a good friend-

  9. I think…

    This is the the kind of drama that seems to affect us every week.
    I question why we bother with it all. Most gaming clans run servers to attract more members to attract more hosts to expand the feeling of casual duels and gaming within each other, as well as recording said battles for the entertainment of others. If there is a problem, the player gets banned. This clan makes a huge deal about any problem while not hosting any servers with no entertainment video and no outlook for expansion.

    This is not a gaming clan. This is a soap opera.

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