Assessment of Actions

Hey guys, night here. most of you may be wondering what this is about so I’ll make my intentions clear now and later as well. I intend to be honest and show it since I’ve changed, bear with me. The Gwen thing was a lie. I was horrified by what I told Kera at the time. I realize this was wrong from the start but at the time, my emotions got the best of me so for that i am sorry GSA. I am sorry Kera for lying to you, I shouldn’t have and thats my fault.I didn’t intend to harm GSA at all, it just went down the way it did to concur with the lie.(No I am not justifying it at all, I’m just stating how it and why it went down.) Whatever reasons I may have had for it, I assure you they don’t cover this at all. It was wrong and I take full responsibility for it. For the Pzk issue, that was not done out of hate for him, but for what I felt was preserving the stability of GSA(I believed him to be creating a new clan since he made a separate chat which although I was added to, I didn’t buy into it). I did hear him say stuff about the FG but perspective sure did its number on me. However do as I may, it was wrong of what part I played in it, I also take full responsibility for it and I want to personally apologize to Pzk for what went down and banz for letting him take the full fall . I’m sorry Pzk, it was wrong to assume stuff, and I know your intentions were good. I understand how some of you may be feeling about all this. Now if you wish to demote me, then go on ahead. If it be fair justice, then so be it. However, the whole reason for this and my intention is to show I’ve changed from the guy I was in the past. I’m more honest now then before, and this post proves that. There’s a reason I made this, its not on a whim. Its not in response to bravo’s post, he made that in haste after finding out.(yes its in haste considering he didn’t provide a full evidence, trial format, etc etc) I understand your trust in me may be low, that is my fault. Be whatever occurs, I want to make things clear. I’m owning up to my mistakes in the past and I’ve tried to end any drama with Bravo to which he’s continued not to uphold justice, but out of animosity and anger towards me. bravo, you can’t deny this. But either way, I forgive you. and I’m sorry. Everyone, do things by your own intentions. Consider everything not just what one person may say. I am once again sorry to all those I’ve wronged and lied to, including the members of GSA. I’m not perfect, no one is. But I hope that by now, you all understand I’ve changed my attitude on things. I wrote this and intentionally told kera first since it started there(the first lie). I planned to make this first and into a trial but bravo beat me to the trial thing, so i write this since I originally planned to post it. This is me owning up to my past, I’m sorry once again for those I’ve hurt and pulled into this(including the GSA members and all the random debates/arguments between me and bravo). Whatever you guys decide, its on you, not what I think, not what bravo thinks. That was my intention as well with this post, to leave my fate up to the people.

-Night out


9 thoughts on “Assessment of Actions

  1. Bravo is following laws and member regulations, explain how that isn’t upholding justice? Also you say that like you’re upholding justice, if so I don’t see it Night.

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