Law Reform Time!!!!!

Alright boys and girls, it’s time to make the Law Page prettier and more organized than ever! First we’ll see which laws we should keep and which we should throw away, or ones we should combine. EVERYONE IS ALLOWED TO HELP! hOOrAY!!!!1111

KEY: KeepDelete Combine

General GSA Laws:

1. Treat all members with respect. Do not harm fellow GSA members, or threaten them in any way to damage them.  (P: Warning or Probation from communicative services. I.E. The GSA chat, or in special cases for the dangering other members part, 3rd degree.)

2. Do not follow corrupt ways to achieve higher ranks. Only give or acquire a rank in the GSA through legal means, and do not give or acquire ranks because of blackmail/bribery/extortion. (P: 2nd Degree)

3. Keep on your GSA tag in all games/communicative services/instances of internet identity. Follow the GSA Tag Rules at all times. (P: 1st Degree)

[Banana]: Combine with 9.

4. Do not attack or declare war a foreign entity/clan without the authorization of a member of the Council. (P: 2nd degree)

[Banana]: Any declaration of war should be voted on by either the people or the Council as a whole; this can be a discussion for a later date.

5. The formal way to address an officer that is a higher rank then you in the GSA is “sir,” regardless of sexual orientation, unless the officer prefers otherwise. (P: Warning.)

[Banana]: This is never enforced, unless the people or any Councillor disapproves of this deletion, they may speak up.

6. You are allowed to create peace with other clans, but the peace may only be official once a member of the Council approves of it. (P: Warning.)

[Banana]: I suggest an edit be done on this law, so as to be more specific on to who may create peace treaties with other clans.

7. The Government cannot order members of the Military, and the Military cannot order members of the government. (P: Warning.)

8. Only through a vote of the GSA members, initiated by the Council as a whole, may a member be promoted to a seat on the Council. (P:3rd degree)

9. All members must use a blue skin as their avatar/character/player in any games that they are part of the GSA in, unless a special division/group in the GSA has an exception to this rule. (P: 1st degree.)

[Banana]: Combine with 3.

10. Only members of the Council can fire a member of the GSA, and he/she must have just cause and reason to fire a member I.E.: The member broke a 3rd degree law. (P: 2nd degree.)

[Banana] I believe more detail must be put into this law. Like maybe adding a definite trial before the banishment is put into place. 

11. You must follow all orders given by a superior officer within the GSA, unless they infringe upon your rights or break the law. (P: 1st or 2nd degree.)

[Banana]: Further edit to emphasize that this law can be disregarded because of the GSA People’s Sixth Right–here

12. Spying missions to a foreign clan/entity are not permitted. (P:.2nd degree .) (Council approved)

[Banana]: Further editing should be done for this law. We must keep it so no members can try to be heroes and spy on other clans in times of war. 

13. A lower ranked member cannot relieve the orders of a higher ranked member of the GSA in any occasion. (P: 2nd degree.)

14. If a member is promoted to a temporary higher rank then he/she cannot take advantage of his/her power to better his/her rank after the temporary rank has been relinquished. (P: 1st degree.)

[Banana]: What is this law supposed to be about again? I don’t see a need for temporary ranks in the first place.

15. A player may not rejoin the GSA if he/she has been affiliated with an enemy/tensioned clan in any way, unless she denounces his/her affiliation with said clan(s) for a period of two weeks. (P: Fired.)

[Banana]: This law should be edited. Any member of any clan can leave and denounce said clan for 2 weeks and still be loyal. Thus the beauty of patience. I suggest this law be changed to not allow any members of any enemy clan into GSA while there is either tension or war. Combine with 22.

16. A member that has been fired from the GSA cannot rejoin GSA until a period of 1 month has passed. If the member is fired or quits more than three times then he/she can no longer join the GSA.Unless a majority of the Council authorize him/her to return to GSA. 

[Banana]: Combine with 46.

17. The term: “Popular Vote/Popular Sovereignty” refers to only the members of the GSA. Therefore, only GSA members may vote. (P: Warning.)

18. Clan members and Foreign Members who are not editors/admins/authors/contributors are not allowed to use other accounts. (P: 2nd degree.)

[Banana]: Combine with 48.

19. Only members of the Council can rehire a fired member. (P: 1st degree.)

20. Promotions will only be given through legal means by promotion testing, unless a member of the Council approves a radical skip in ranks to an officer. Promotion Testing: (P: 2nd degree.)

21. Inactivity from the GSA for 1 month without informing any member of the GSA about a temporary leave of absense results on getting removed from your current rank and the GSA. (P: None.)

22. Players from enemy/tensioned clans may not join the GSA, and members of the GSA may not be in clans that are tensioned/enemied. (P: 1st degree.)

[Banana]: Combine with 15.

23. ALL Changes made to the GSA website or being must be announced in a sticky post on the website, within which the member who made the change must post the original format, and the new change that was made to the format. (P: 2nd degree.)

[Banana]: This needs to be enforced.

24. A vote must give the members of the GSA a minimum of 2 days, or 48 hours from the creation of the vote, to vote on the subject. (P: 1st degree.)

25. The GSA shall have Power to make all Laws which shall be necessary to its being by reforming the GSA Constitution, lead out by any legal Majority Vote, or legal Official who has the ability to do so. (P: No Punishment.)

[Banana]: Combine with 26.

26. A Majority Vote of the GSA Populous can overturn any law/act made by any official(s) with a 2/3rds majority.

[Banana]: Combine with 25.

27. ALL GSA members can be in a maximum of two other clans discounting the GSA. Unless there is a special occasion in which a Council member gives a general order to restrict members from entering a clan. (P: 1st degree.)

28. A foreign clan/entity can become an ally of the GSA as long as it is approved by a member of the Council. (P: 1st degree.)

[Banana]: Combine with 38.

[Banana]: Edit should include the Alliance Form.

29. If a member is not in the GSA for any amount of time for any reason, then upon rejoining the period of time for a promotion test is reset. (P: 1st to 2nd degree.)

[Banana]: Combine with 15 and 22.

30. If a member is demoted in the GSA then he/she cannot immediately seek promotion through promotion testing, but must wait the normal period of time to be promoted again. (P: 1st to 2nd degree.)

31. The creation of Political Parties or organizations of voters who vote together to override others is illegal. (P: 1st degree on the leader of any such organization.)

32.Candidates running for any position within the Government can ask members for their vote specifically or personally.  However, he or she may not force a member to vote for him or her. A member may not be forced to vote or vote a certain way on any public vote, but can be asked to. (P: 1st degree, removed from election.)

33. All players wishing to join the GSA for the first time must sign up on the Join Page. (P: Warning.)

34. A member of GSA may not have an alias in any other clan while serving in the GSA. A member may also not rejoin the GSA under a different account or handle if they face a possible banishment or dishonorable discharge whether be it a few weeks or months. (P: 3rd degree.)

35. In an active vote of any kind, it is illegal to reform GSA law to effect the vote or the outcome of the vote in any way. (P: 1st degree.)

36. Laws may not be made that contradict pre-existing laws/rules. (P: Warning.)

37. A law can not be voted on again unless factors change that constitute a revote on the law, or if a period of three weeks have passed since the last vote. (P: Warning.)

38. You may not change the diplomatic status of a clan with relations to the GSA without the approval of a member of the Council. (P: 1st Degree.)

[Banana]: Combine with 28.

39. All laws that are not stated in the Constitution are considered free rights of the members. (P: None.)

40. If a law/rule is created or destroyed, then only a force equal or stronger in power to the law can undo or change the law. Ex.: If the people vote to remove a law, then even the Council as a whole cannot remove the law using his/her own power. (P: 1st Degree.)

41. You cannot commit treason by harming the GSA or its entirety/members. (P: 3rd Degree.)

[Banana]: I believe greater depth in detail is needed for this law.

42. A member is innocent until Proven Guilty.

[Banana]: Should this be moved to the Bill of Rights?

43. You cannot manipulate someone through bribery/blackmail or other insidious strategies to acquire a promotion. 

[Banana]: Punishments should be added to this law.

44. If you are called upon to come to a training map, defend a base or raid an ENEMY base, then if you have the ability, you are obligated to join and assist in said map, failure to follow this law will result in 1 day ban from the GSA chat each time, with an exception of 1 per day. In other words, if you are called to train with GSA once a day, you must join. But if you’ve already trained with other GSA that day then you are not obliged to train again. (You are not obligated to go on raiding sprees done for fun, only things that have to do with training or wars.) [FG Implemented]

[Banana]: I believe Ajbenius needs to realize that his raiding for fun is prohibited and if he continues, then the Police Division deserves a new leader.

45. All members that posses the privilege of author, editor and admin must abide and follow the post regulations rules that are stated. Follow the Post Regulations:

46. Once fired from the GSA, you may only rejoin after a period of one month unless otherwise instructed. (Some members are fired then join a year later with better intentions.)

[Banana]: Combine with 16.

 47. Comments are to be neither edited nor deleted, except for the following exceptions: You may edit out profanity, you may delete comments from an enemy, but ONLY if that person poses a hack/site deletion threat through commenting, You may delete comments in order to keep a post clean. But you must warn people that they will be deleted in the post. (P: Removal of site powers for one (1) day)

48. Intense or prolonged deception towards GSA members will be considered malicious and will be met with a 2nd degree punishment. For example using a false identity (yes, that includes gender!)

[Banana]: Combine with 18.

49. Whenever a vote is created to perform an action, then there must also be a choice within such a vote in which members can vote to change nothing. (P: 1st degree)

[Banana]: Combine with 50.

50. In a vote with more then two choices to choose for, if once choice does not seize the majority of votes, then there will be a runoff election between the top two voted choices. (P: 1st degree)

[Banana]: Combine with 49.

51. Only members that were active in the GSA for a period longer than one year can achieve the Veteran Rank. Once said member leaves/retires from the GSA than he/she may be reinstated or may acquire the Veteran Rank: [GSA]Veteran., but only if approved by a Council member. Upon entering the Veteran Rank, there is no activity requirement, and these people can never be removed from the members list unless the Council authorizes it. [Council Implemented] (P: 1st degree)

52. The Authority level of Veterans is as follows: No authority, yet may not be ordered by any rank (except the Council). The Veteran is not an active and truly official member, however he/she is bound by GSA law and has GSA rights, and is to be treated as a GSA member. [Council Implemented]

53. Contact or communication of any sort with banned players or isolated clans without the permission of the Council is prohibited. [Council Implemented] (P: 1st Degree, 2nd Degree, 3rd Degree)

[Banana]: Combine with 57.

54.Only members of the EKAT division may fight in official battles with foreign clans unless the EKAT member chooses  to invite a player/etc(P:1st degree)

 55. You do not have the right to slander or damage a member’s reputation in anyway to get them fired or demoted because of dislike or hatred towards that member. (P:2nd Degree)

56. A member of the GSA may not share their identity with another person, or mass of entities. In the case of this happening the member’s cases of identity will be null and he/she must create a new identity to which it is private and not accessible by anyone other than the GSA owner. (P:1st Degree)

57. Comments to certain sites can be prohibited, or forbidden, due to a threat of cyber attack. Sites under this law include: (1st Degree, 2nd Degree)

[Banana]: Combine with 53.

59. Members below the rank of Lieutenant cannot recruit members into the GSA. Members must be above the rank of lieutenant in order to invite or recommend someone to join GSA. (1st Degree)

60. Any member who raids a base that is not involved with sexual content or AGSA is prohibited. (NOTE: This includes divisions). (P: 1st Degree, 2nd Degree)

[Ajbenius]:  REPEALED 

[Bravo] It has been stated that this is AGAINST PB2 staff’s wishes. If you want to make a change you’ll have to call either a Council or clan vote. I am undoing your repeal.

61. A GSA member must follow the GSA Oath and GSA Code of Honor regardless of what division one resides in or personal opinion. (P: 3rd Degree)

[Ajbenius]:  REPEALED

[Bravo] You are just doing this to gain more power for yourself. The point of this post is for all of us to collaborate but I guess you have your own plans. Repeal overturned. Make a Council or clan vote.

Proposed Law Organization

GSA Members








Allied Clans





24 thoughts on “Law Reform Time!!!!!

  1. I haven’t analyzed it thoroughly, but here’s a few that can be combined: 3 and 9 are in the same vein. Same with 53 and 57. 28 and 6 would be simpler as one unit.
    Also, we need to fix #5 to account for females… Because currently, that’s just wrong.

  2. Note: Law 14 is about the presidency- We should probably keep something of the sort in relation to elected councilors.

      1. For clarification, it should be changed to something like this;

        14. If a member is promoted to a temporary higher rank (For example, elected councilors.) then he/she cannot take advantage of his/her power to better his/her rank after the temporary rank has been relinquished. (P: 1st degree.)

    1. Then if a corrupt judge is judging a friend of his, he can give a punishment that isn’t fit for said law. Say if someone does something that deserves a 3rd Degree Punishment, but because of the judge’s relationship with the accused, he only gives him a 2nd Degree or 1st Degree so his friend’s career in GSA isn’t over.

  3. 13. A lower ranked member cannot relieve the orders of a higher ranked member of the GSA in any occasion. (P: 2nd degree.)

    Orders must be reasonable and possible to carry out and not an act of censorship or abusing one’s rank. That little tid-bit should be added to clarify the law further.

    19. Only members of the Council can rehire a fired member.(Only after a vote has taken place among the general populace)* (P: 1st degree.)

    Addition (shown by *) is there since as the council we can’t make most of the decisions we used to make as just the FG without the consent and input of the public, since we are their elected officials working for the best interests of the public. Therefore it would seem like a good idea to modify this law with the addition.

    1. I strongly disagree and urge no change to be enacted on laws 60. and 61. as they will only create more chaos for aj to enjoy in terms of disturbing the pb2 community and potentially damaging any future relations. For reference the laws state the following:

      60. Any member who raids a base that is not involved with sexual content or AGSA is prohibited. (NOTE: This includes divisions). (P: 1st Degree, 2nd Degree)

      61. A GSA member must follow the GSA Oath and GSA Code of Honor regardless of what division one resides in or personal opinion. (P: 3rd Degree)

      1. What? This is literally the basic thing GSA has gone by for a long ass time. If an FG does something that the people disagree with, they can vote to VETO it through a 2/3rds majority vote. I didn’t make the rule, it’s been in effect for years.

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