Vote for a division between the Council and Members(Read thoroughly, the title comes out of context)


Hello fellow GSA members and whatnot, Council member Night here to introduce a vote to separate the Council and Members.

Now before you immediately vote – or even +, I want you to take the time to read what I mean exactly by this “divide”.

This is what I mean by a “division” before everyone jumps to a conclusion, there will be more below this.

“I said it so that when we(the council) hear about news first(since we are most likely to get it first, unless you[a member] are playing pb2 and someone tells you info there)know and think of whatever we need to(but not decide on it right away without input from the members), so when the members hear and jump to any conclusions(as they might since information can be mishandled, we make that mistake as well[we being the council which is why we’d need their input]), we can help make everything clear and they can make everything clear to us as well(us again being the council)”

Further information on this “divide”:

Now from this, a further explanation would be that we are most likely going to get information first(we being the council). So the division(not a big one in reality) would be to let the other council members know at first(since they are the leaders of the GSA and preside of it through the people), but let the members know asap(if not, directly right away or after hearing of said news) so we can have input from the members(since they vote and have a say in GSA, not trying to take that away at all) and finally, make a decision based upon what we all think(the decision going to the Council since the Council decides as the leaders BUT have that decision based on both the Council and Member’s final thoughts, and not just either or or a premature(rash) decision.

A example of this new “division”(taken from a real situation):

Spirit messages me saying that he wants GSA to provide help to the new alliance that is to be made in the future, so I’d message the other Council members and once they know(at least have gotten it), I’d say it on the public(or members only, whichever) so that we can get input from everyone else.So now, the Council members will formulate what they think, discuss it on the councilforum chat(which everyone can watch and later comment upon for the next part) and then head back to the members only or public chat, to hear what the members have to say about the stuff talked about in the councilforums, and express their thoughts(which can obviously change what we think, this isn’t the final thoughts or final decision, keep that in mind) and at last, when everyone agrees upon something, we’d make the decision.(as the council with all the input considered and even added)

This pic I put since that’s what says we’re the leaders, and are at the top of the chain of command of GSA:


So do you think there ought to be this type of divide in GSA? Do note it doesn’t break any laws created that I’ve seen, so it’s not “illegal”.

Create the proposed “divide”(+)

Votes: 2 votes

Not create the proposed “divide”(-)

Votes: 8 votes

Voting ends 01/22/2015 at 11:59 PM(Pacific Time)


16 thoughts on “Vote for a division between the Council and Members(Read thoroughly, the title comes out of context)

  1. I’m keeping my vote as – for now because I feel this might compromise freedom somehow in the future. Getting bad vibes.

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