What’s to Come

Guess what we’re gonna do in the coming weeks?

Law Reformation and Re-Organization!

That’s right boys and girls, let me give you an idea of what I’ve thought to do with them.

Deleting Unnecessary Laws

We all know we’ve got too many laws, and if you read through them you’ll find plenty of repeats. That’s not a good thing, so we’ll fix that up right there, mhm.

Combining Laws

We could easily reword laws to combine different laws to all flow perfectly, like a stream or a banana peel… yeah.

Organizing Laws Into Sections

Basically just what the title implies. Here are some examples.

Section 1: Member

Section 2: Allied Clans


Keep in mind this reformation will all be done on a post and in the comment section. All members and non-members are welcome to pitch in anytime!

I’ma Banana,



14 thoughts on “What’s to Come

  1. Again, of course, be cautious removing laws. Don’t want to cause any unexpected problems down the road. Combining laws would be excellent- Similar laws can be placed under a single title. As for categorizing, that would be a simple and elegant way to make the laws more accessible to anyone needing to find anything specific, or simply familiarizing themselves with and remembering them.

    1. We’ll be doing this publically so we hope that if we miss something someone will point it out and lessen the chance of anarchy. As for the re-organization of the laws into sections, that’s the whole point of it. Now it’ll be easier to navigate and find laws.
      After the reformation of laws I was hoping to start a site reform. This site is way too hard to navigate lel.

  2. My days of quoting laws that others do not know of to receive the upper hand are numbered! My ice cream is drifting away!

    1. Lol ikr, I bring up law 26 and people (including the people who were around when that was a thing) are like “WTF is that”

      Note to anyone going “WTF is that”: it was a law forbidding the killing of civs as long as they were unarmed or not in the base.

      1. I am guessing the OLD Law 26, as the current one is about overrule of a FG/command law.

        I used to use that one to keep trigger happy privates from starting flame wars within the base, then we end up outside the base and I would have to nuke it.

  3. New Law:

    All members of GSA must beat the shit out of the winners of the lottery if the lottery exceeds 1 billion dollhairs. They must use rubber chickens and wheels of cheese, but not while opening doors made of dolphin intestines and while searching for the pie tin in the windowless room full of windows, all while being told to kick the puppy in the empty room with a floating Coldwater Springs swimsuit magazine and bad yogurt attendants.

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