23 thoughts on “#EXPOSE2016

  1. Well, well, well… The Order. BB and Gigoto had also made a deal to sabotage GSA. I am ma get out of the order shit noe.

  2. Alright here’s the deal. I was preparing that option after diplomacy fails. As soon as Order-GSA relations went to shit I went on an indefinite leave of absence from the Order taking Snake Division with me. About three days ago I decided that I wouldn’t be returning to the community and as such this little op was scrapped. I had fully intended to stay gone before Spirit started spamming me this afternoon about this shit. I hope this was able to set the record straight as I will not be returning to the digital dumpster I used to call a community. Spirit is in command of what remains of the Order now and I hope you will work together to realize the dream of a unified community. Snake Division has been dissolved and Serpent and our other associates are leaving with me. Some of the times we had together were decent.


    Lord Gigoto the Gallant

    P.S: Maybe next time you should more closely examine Intel you receive from Blackbird.

    1. You have failed yet again. That brings the total count of failure to 5. How utterly pathetic. Most of us will leave GSA and the PB2 Universe overall with a nice humble legacy. The only thing you’ll be exciting with is FAILURE tattooed on your forehead for all to see and the rancid stench of shame. Now get off our goddamn site.


        1. B I T C H I wish you would. All you’ll accomplish is bringing that nice little total of yours to 6. And what happened sis? I seem to recall you saying that you were leaving this “digital dumpster”? Did you finally realize that this was all you have in your life? *sips tea*

  3. I…still don’t care. Really.

    ‘History is in the past, the past is behind us, and looking at what is behind you slows you down, so it really isn’t worth bothering with to a soldier.’

    You are the last living part of the clan wars. The clan wars are history, so why are we still concerned about it?

  4. Spirit and I will be making a “more trusted” alliance than the Order. This gloomy sh1t is making the Order look shady as hell lol. Your deals were completely fucked up regarding peace. I didn’t even see you do “protection” from Cyber attacks. Spirit will be fixing that big wounds left by you (Gigoto) in the Order and at the meantime, I will start setting up the foundation for the new alliance.
    (PS: So DoomWrath really said you to make it… Lel, ya official? GG)

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