The Issue with The Order

This has been a thing I’ve been held back from saying for quite a bit of time due to FG nonsense. Now that it’s the council however, I am free to express this.

The Order is not some means of protection, it’s a surveillance scam. It’s another attempt to influence things that shouldn’t be influenced, sounds an awful like things that Gigs has done in the past, no?

He’s already been using the help of some of his followers to transfer messages from our chat to his unwashed mitts(hands/screen whatever).

Don’t believe me?

That doesn’t seem like protection, this is just Gigs throwing his weight around…again. And we had to sit through this for days.

Threatening us by ‘demonstration’ seems counter intuitive to protection, why would Gigoto after a year of being against us suddenly become a Buddhist and want to help us? There’s always an ulterior motive to what this man(I use this word loosely) does.

I’m just leaving this out here for discussion and to highlight upon a few things.



36 thoughts on “The Issue with The Order

    1. i was dumbing it down for your benefit and I can explain the program to you if you want.
      Anyhow your issues with the Order are a moot point as we have irrevocably barred GSA from Order membership effective immediately.

    1. can I haz some 😀 im Canadian ya know btw I got promoted to Sgt today xforce still has to record it thou .-.

  1. You didn’t have permission to use that screenshot. I am using proper grammar so you KNOW I’m serious. Well, I won’t sue you, and you now have my full permission to use my screenshot.

    See you in court.

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