Just a quick post. Anyone considering colonizing any console games? Not too many of us have any systems in common outside PC, but it could be quite an opportunity if well executed. Halo, of course, is a keen candidate.

And, on that note, id like to announce to anyone who plays Halo: The Master Chief collection, or Halo 5, that GSA now has a Spartan Company. If you wish to play under our banner, and bring  glory (or shame…) to GSA, send me your gamer tag, and I’ll send you an invite via Halo Waypoint.

If you wish to see our page personally, its Here.


 ~Thats all for now.

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25 thoughts on “Halo/Console colonies

      1. It is. But there’s also a game of it. But it’s funny because the characters are playing a Virtual Reality game- so you’re technically playing a game about people playing a game………….Meta….

      1. You’ve never even played H5 or MCC. Nub.
        Also, Halo 4 wasn’t bad… Though, it was among the worst halos. Still, great game regardless.

  1. Should of done something like [PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Steam (PC) something simple like that, and just in those 3 Console races Computer race are games and members. Something I just thought of that’s all.

  2. A note, with Leejay joining, our Spartan company is now considered active. All members in the company get a free REQ pack, now- As well as any more who join. Also, we now show up on the list of companies, and are now actively competing.

    So, yey.

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