Upper Heaven -Clean Slate

Jason has finally left Upper Heaven.

As many of you know, Jason was the main reason why relations were always strained with Upper Heaven. With his departure, it is my belief that we can view Upper Heaven through new lenses. It might be time to reset our relationship.

Their new leadership is described here. They have formed a sort of Council, which they call the Unity. This consists of the members 346, DeathWatches (former GSA) and Wasted Time.

  1.  Does this mean that we need to become allies?

Not at all. We could stay mostly disassociated, but with the knowledge that they are not a threat.

2. Does Upper Heaven support the Order?

Depending on your views, this could either be a negative or a positive point. Regardless, Upper Heaven is not part of The Order and is not interested in joining anytime soon.


Please post any questions below.


3 thoughts on “Upper Heaven -Clean Slate

  1. Glad to see we can both move on ^.^ If anyone in gsa wants an invite to the UpperHeaven Discord chat, let me know and I can get you one. We’re welcoming anyone that can be respectful so feel free to stop by!

  2. Without Jason, UH is little more than another pointless noob clan, likely to die off in a week.

    Anyways, as for questions- Whats Jason’s status now? MIA, or is he up to something new?

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