AJ’s Disappearance

Hello people of GSA, Council Member Night speaking to you today about AJ and his lack of contact and activity with GSA. As many of you know, he has not been here for the past 2 months or so, and because of that, as of today he is to be moved to war veterans and  removed from the council. We’ve waited a long time for him to make any contact and he hasn’t, so this demotion is necessary seeing as we need a active Council. No hard feelings AJ, but you gotta be active bro if you see this.

-Night out

[Bravo] I am the one who asked Nighthawk to make this post. The council has unanimously agreed to this, except Eagle, he probably would vote against this or something but I deleted Kik… so other than Eagle, the council has agreed to this. Regardless, after being afk for a month without notice he should be kicked from GSA entirely, but he is demoted to Veteran because it isn’t right to kick a long-time member out of GSA unless it’s because of a serious offense. It’s “technically” only been a month because he was on the old chat a month ago, he came in saying “Hello children” and then left. Before that, he’s been afk for about… idk… a little less than a month. So yeah, 2 months.

[Eagle613]: Inactive for one month and you “kick him”? Okay…let me sip my tea. I bet the majority of you are jumping with joy given this new information. But never forget that AJ has always been the most loyal GSA supporter that has ever taken up memebrship in the clanAlthough some of his actions could be seen as controversial he alwyas did what he did for the advancement of GSA. And it saddens me so to be one of the few, or the only one, who is sad to see him go. He will always be one of the best GSA had to offer.

[Bravo]: @Eagle 2 months, if you want to lawyer it, it’s one month. Don’t for get that it’s also a law.

[Eagle613]: That wasnt the point of what I typed up. The point was to make sure someone said what needed to be said. That a lot of you guys have been waiting to kick him for the longest time and I wasnt gonna let it happen without spilling some tea on why he was one of the best GSA members. So yeah about the 2 month or 1 month whatever, it has been proven in the past that loyal long time members will be taken down so its not like I was surpised or didnt know it was possible.


20 thoughts on “AJ’s Disappearance

        1. I still don’t understand what you mean. Because in my books those are valuable qualities in a leader.

        2. Ok, unless you plan on lowering the standard of being on the hall of fame, tell me what AJ did that nullifies the fact that for the past year he’s been out to boost his power specifically. What I’m saying is, what differentiates Aj from the rest of us? As I see it, he’s worse than the rest of us. The Hall of Fame is for the people who admit they’re wrong when they’re wrong, who are just, and who are out not only for themselves.

    1. He’s a war vet and when he comes back he’ll be in the Council. But for now, he isn’t needed to make a Council Vote, aka we don’t need to wait on him.

  1. Aj is gonna rage.
    Well, this has been a long time coming- Aj has been scraping by this regulation, though it seems someone caught on…

  2. I’m actually with Eagle on this one, Yes AJ did some controversial stuff, but he totally did a lot of good for GSA. Put him on the Wall of Fame gais

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