Council Member Vote

Hello everyone, Council member Night here, alright so we need to vote in a new council member so the council can be up to speed and whole.

As you all know, we need to get the council whole and ready for GSA and this post is here to do just that.

Therefore, sign up below.

Please Note You Must Be Active On Discord In Order To Be A Part of The Council.

Sign up for Council Spot:(Candidates)





And then after we have at least 3 people who have signed up, we’ll vote for them below here:

Vote for Council Spot:(To be done after 3 days)

Pzk:1 votes

Sniper:4 votes

Banz:9 votes

-Voting has ended-

Our new Council Member is……..

BananaReaper aka Banz!!


52 thoughts on “Council Member Vote

  1. These candidates are quite ill qualified…
    Also, no offense to Kera, but, shes not qualified rank-wise. Corporal < Lieutenant.

    Anyways, i vote for Banz.

    1. Hey, thanks for the vote. This really means a lot to me given that all of the mistakes I’ve made. I’m glad you trust me enough to give me this chance as the first elected Council member. I promise that I will be for the people and not for the FG/Council.

      1. Hey, everyone knows you’re not corrupt. You slipped up, but you’re forgiven.
        Besides, all the other candidates are… Well, you know. XD

  2. It has so far been 7 days and this isn’t over yet. I think the voting’s over, Banz is best fruitbag. The Council needed more potassium in it anyway.

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