Regarding Censoring/Comment Deleting and Spoilers

I know I’m not the leader of GSA anymore, and that it may seem hypocritical for me to chastise someone over something that I did to Pzk when I was GA, but someone has to regard this. In my post, Hey There, Gigoto made some comments on our site to reiterate his need of a meeting with the Council of GSA. That comment was deleted and he had to create another comment to let that be known. I want it very crystal clear that censoring comments of any kind are illegal and the one who deleted Gigoto’s comments should make it known they did so and list their reasoning.

Also, I want to make it known that we need to be very careful this time of year. With the new Star Wars out, there will be spoilers. Our close ally, Apex, has helped us this day by keeping us ignorant of what happens in the movie. Thank you, Mood. ❤

I’ma Banana,




8 thoughts on “Regarding Censoring/Comment Deleting and Spoilers

  1. Well, not of ANY kind:

    47. Comments are to be neither edited nor deleted, except for the following exceptions: You may edit out profanity, you may delete comments from an enemy, but ONLY if that person poses a hack/site deletion threat through commenting, You may delete comments in order to keep a post clean. But you must warn people that they will be deleted in the post. (P: Removal of site powers for one (1) day)

    1. Gigoto is not proven to be treacherous in any of those forms. He did not curse extensively, and even then we can just edit out the curse word. On top of that there was no indication to why his comment was deleted, leaving the punishment for the one who did the comment deleting justified.

      1. You misunderstand. You said that comments of any kind could not be deleted, that was not correct.

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