Hey There

So I’m a bit confused on what’s going on at the moment. The trial has been silent for a couple days and I don’t know what their final statement is or what it will be if there isn’t one already.

[Sniper]: Jury hasn’t been voting. Also, replacing Allen with Noune as jury member. And Allen has a 3-day probation from chat. Current Date: 12/18/15

Also, after all these trials and votes are over, will the Council and the people get back to reforming GSA accordingly?

Like maybe reforming laws? 

I’mma Banana,



10 thoughts on “Hey There

  1. Sniper’s the judge, he’s supposed to be guiding the trial, if he isn’t then he needst to start.

    After Night’s trial, we need to have your trial. At which point we need to decide what to do about joining the order. And also work out the supreme court.

      1. It seems my prior comments were deleted. I’ve messaged Banana and Night about this as well. Right then, I have a Discord Chat, GSA has a discord chat. Where and when do we want to do this?

      1. I have a question for you Pzk, don’t I get the freedom of right to not vote in this trial and to not be selected to say guilty or not. 2. I just took surgery like last Monday and I exactly asked and said when would this trial take place BEFORE I stated I had to take surgery ( this was a scoliosis surgery) I flipping take drugs to lower my pain and I’m very high right now, probably don’t understand, and my grammar could be wrong. And one other thing,how the heck do you force someone to vote on a trial, because if they don’t they get demoted? Like what is that Pzk? I’m just a Recruit, oh Yea right they find a “punishment” for me because they did the trial after my surgery when I’m still flipping recovering, Im just asking don’t I get a freedom of right?

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