So, many of you may have presumed I died- Which, you can now see I have not.

Anyways, a quick update; I’ll be gone a while longer, but I’ll probably be back by at least January. Until then, I may stop by on public wifi and check by the chat.

Speaking of which, I’m having some difficulty with the transition- We should probably put up a guide on the site. For one, I cant figure out how to save our server- Is there anything simpler than being re-invited every time?

Oh, and, I was able to download quite a bit of my Steam queue, so once I get back, I may be able to help with keeping that active. Which, by the way, it appears as if no one has been doing… 😛


Anyways, don’t fall apart before I get back.

Jonb7's signature (NBG)

Also, finally got an image of my old Halo emblem to use on the site.



10 thoughts on “…They only go missing in action

    1. Lemme ruin the logo.

      Halo Reach
      Foreground: Lone Wolf
      -Primary: Cyan
      -Secondary: White
      Background: Buzzsaw
      -Primary: Steel

      Your logo was similar to mine. Thief.

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