…They only go missing in action

So, many of you may have presumed I died- Which, you can now see I have not.

Anyways, a quick update; I’ll be gone a while longer, but I’ll probably be back by at least January. Until then, I may stop by on public wifi and check by the chat.

Speaking of which, I’m having some difficulty with the transition- We should probably put up a guide on the site. For one, I cant figure out how to save our server- Is there anything simpler than being re-invited every time?

Oh, and, I was able to download quite a bit of my Steam queue, so once I get back, I may be able to help with keeping that active. Which, by the way, it appears as if no one has been doing… 😛


Anyways, don’t fall apart before I get back.

Jonb7's signature (NBG)

Also, finally got an image of my old Halo emblem to use on the site.



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