Nighthawk “Gwen” Trial Case

The Jury has decided that Nighthawk should receive punishment, and I have decided the punishment.

Even disregarding the evidence, it is still unacceptable that Nighthawk would allow someone other than himself to take control of his account. There is even a law about this, reference to law number 56. Although the actions have been rectified, this was still a massive security issue. Endangering all of GSA is not something to be taken lightly.

Punishment: 2nd Degree

I expect Nighthawk to create a new password for Discord. He will also be put on probation for 2 weeks. Nighthawk’s wordpress rank will also be demoted to Editor for these 2 weeks. He may still be called upon for Council meetings, or to attend to usual business on wordpress, but only when authorized by another council member.


For this trial, the main question will be:

What punishment should Night receive, if any.

JURY MESSAGE: You have until Dec 22 to vote whether Nighthawk should be punished or not. If you do not vote in the comments, you will be demoted.



-Boss RC



GSA(clan) represented by Attorney General(Rinzler)



(You MUST participate in this trial or you will be given 1st Degree punishment : This applies to everyone in this list.)

Read the process on the Judicial Page, follow accordingly.


36 thoughts on “Nighthawk “Gwen” Trial Case

  1. Alright, let’s start this case off nice and simple and state what happened.
    Someone poisoned the figurative FG ‘Well’ and things went fairly downhill. During which time both the present defendant and few others acted without consent or acceptance of certain actions by the public. Which is a violation in itself.

    Moreover, the defendant attempted to restrict control on the site and to place himself into the position of inter-rim leader of our group on The Order’s side of things.

    Those things being said, the Jury will be told by the defense that this was not the defendant and merely someone else acting on their behalf. That’s hearsay without proof. And it’s not like this hasn’t been heard before. The instances where people have committed unsavory things and blamed outside forces, such as brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, Jimbo from Chuck E. Cheese are innumerable.
    If any leeway is to be given in this case, I hope the judge and jury exercise huge amounts of caution and only in the presence of proof.

      1. I gave the context, we were previously talking about saturday(the day of the party, we were talking about that in the conversation and she brought up monday(the day the GSA stuff happened)

    1. ‘Proof’ seems that word is being very loosely here. This could be her apologizing for any end number of things. Or this could be anything under the moon and sun to be honest.
      There is no way to verify the defense’s claims. If this isn’t evident by now I don’t know what will make it.
      There is no substantial fact that ties her apology to the things done to the site.
      In all honesty EVEN in the odd chance that the defense IS telling the truth about account hijacking, isn’t that still the defendants fault?
      Does the defendant willingly hand out this information? Otherwise I’m very curious as to how this ‘Gwen’ got into the mix.
      Account security is something we all care about, it’s not that hard either.

      In all fairness this seems like a coup gone bad and now the defense is scrambling under that mistake to try and wriggle out of owning up to it. We as a whole know there was more going on that we weren’t informed about. How can this be seen as anything different?
      That being said the prosecution is willing to see and consider ‘concrete’ evidence regarding the matter to adjust its stance and potential charges.
      If the lack of proof continues this would be at most an act of treason.

      1. Context: Monday was the day that she logged into my account on her laptop(since she had my password saved, I had used her laptop once to go on both discord and the site since I constantly use those things anywhere if I have free time) And if need be, I can provide the full conversation. Essentially this pic was after a party where we hung out, and I helped to keep her conscious and get her home which made her talk to me the day or so after. She had been ignoring sine the Monday before(which was when she went on) and thats what she means by the “ignoring part.” And of course Rinzler, it’s my fault I left my passwords on her laptop, although I never considered the fact she’d do something of that nature, I misjudged her and what happened happened. That I take blame for despite it not being me because it was someone I knew from irl. And I willingly hand out this information because that’s what occurred, Gwen got into the mix after I broke up with her, she did this out of anger towards me. Why else would she sabotage my reputation here? She knows how much it means to me, what with me being a supreme at the time, because I told her about it when we dated. And it wasn’t a coup, because if that was the case somehow I wouldn’t have made it known. I wouldn’t have announced the deeds in main and openly made it clear it was me, I’d be a fool to do so.

        1. Still Nighthawk… You should have protected your passwords and this what happend is your faulth… You should secure your passwords. Do you think if you leave your bank account passwords somewhere and all your money goes away from the bank account someone else is fulth? No. It’s your fulth and in your place I would take all the responsibillity for your account actions. Sorry but this time I stich with Rinzler even I don’t really like him.

      This occurred before the first pic, I showed the first to Bravo and he questioned whether I forced her to apologies to which I showed him this to confirm I didn’t, took me a while to figure out how to snap the pic because I’ve never taken a pic of what’s on my phone’s screen, which several people in GSA helped me with.

  2. The prosecution rests its case with the Judge and the Jury, advising at least a week’s probation period. The offense was off site and largely the defendants fault, regardless of circumstance. Necessary but not overly strict punishment would be justified.

  3. I finally realized this is where the Case was going to happen:

    Status: Guilty

    Reason: Not enough clear evidence from the defense… the Prosecution has a more clear information and case…

    1. I like to point out that they have no virtual evidence against me other than what they’ve said wheras I provided pics and my own statement with necessary background info.

    1. Again, I’d like to point out that they have no virtual evidence against me other than what they’ve said wheras I provided pics and my own statement with necessary background info.

  4. Alright. Nighthawk has shown me everything and honestly the only thing he’s guilty of is password protection. He’s shown me the text messages and told me stories about Gwen and him and it’s all believable. Ask yourself why Nighthawk would do this. Before I thought that Nighthawk did do this but it’s definitely a wrong assumption.

  5. Hot dang, Night seriously got found guilty? IMO he’s not, the prosecution seriously posted no evidence at all? I mean, heck, there’s nothing to actually incriminate him at this point is there? xD

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