Council Specifics

This post will have multiple votes

Vote 1:

Elected council member term length

Option 1- 1 week

Option 2- 2 weeks

Option 3 – 3 weeks (1 vote)

Option 4 – 1 Month (12 votes)

Vote 2: Site Authority level of elected council members

Option 1: Editor (12 votes)

Option 2: Administrator (Note: This will give them the ability to remove all other admins from administrative power) (1 vote)

Vote 3: Chat Authority level of elected council members

Option 1: Standard Owner (6 votes)

Option 2: Special rank that removes the ability to ban members  (6 votes)

Note: Any member under the rank of Lt. will be withheld from holding a council position in accordance with the first Bill of Rights

First Right: The right to be able to get to certain powers after achieving a rank of Lt.

Note 2: Vote separately for all the votes, ex:

Vote 1: Option 2

Vote 2: Option 1

Vote 3: Option 2


21 thoughts on “Council Specifics

  1. Seems things are coming along nicely here- Haven’t checked in in a while.
    Vote 1: 4 (Or maybe longer. Low active member count could be a problem here, of course.)
    Vote 2: Option 1.
    Vote 3: Cant really say- Still haven’t checked out Discord, so my vote here is neutral.

    Also, you need to start putting end dates on your posts, nobs.

    Anyways- No, i’m not dead- I’ll be back eventually. 😛
    And tell Rin to check my messages, if he hasnt.

  2. The final vote is tied at 6, So Imma vote for that one and bump it over to special rank

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