A vote to reinstate Option #3 [Ended]

Option #3  https://gsafaction.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/government-change-vote/ 

it was obvious that the people wanted this

I’m sure all of you already know that Banana used his FG power to overturn the vote and go with Option #1, https://gsafaction.wordpress.com/2015/11/22/regarding-government-members-law-updates/ the vote was 6 not for option #3 (aka for option 1 and 2) against 11 for it. Just one more vote for option #3 and Banana’s action would have been unlawful. We need to make this change and do what is right, and we can with a 2/3rds vote.

(13) + if you want to reinstate option #3

(3) – if you support Banana’s decision to overturn the people’s decision

THE VOTE ENDS AS SOON AS IT TURNS November 30th, 2015 12:00AM EST


54 thoughts on “A vote to reinstate Option #3 [Ended]

  1. – Option 3 makes no sense. We can’t just give random members admin on the site every month. We won’t survive until Christmas. And this system started infighting (as I predicted before) BEFORE IT WAS EVEN IMPLEMENTED. Come on guys.

      1. I am aware of this, but it only takes on shifty admin to delete the website or cause permanent damage during a tantrum.

        1. Everyone cried Dictatorship when I suggested they not be given admin. Because “That’s not equal in power with the rest of the council, that’s not what we voted for *cri* you abooser”

      2. I don’t think we have access to the backups that Nick made. Idk if we know how to make more. Either way, it’s a stupid thing to do. If they’re Owner, they can remove everyone else’s owner.

      1. “It doesn’t matter if we let a Muslim Extremist be president, if he launches all of our Nukes we can just move to the moon” is the vibe I’m getting here.

      2. Then in order for them to have equal power with the Council, they’d need to be admin on the backup too. And correct me if I’m wrong, but admins can remove other admins?

      1. You’re sure of that? I still don’t like the idea, even when we had presidents, they were given Editor at maximum.

  2. The reason that I vote – Is because every single single time that this damn vote is brought up, the entire chat blows up into a shitstorm, and I MEAN everytime, it’s tearing the clan apart

    1. Well I may as well vote – at this point, Banz does have a point, it could end badly depending on who’s popular at the time. (Let’s face it, popular people and people who have a gang of followers tend to get voted in, and they normally aren’t good people)

  3. I hear a lot of talk about “not being able to give the people admin ranks” for a month at a time.

    At this point, I would trust a random GSA as admin more than some of the FG. Just look at their recent behavior – deleting posts, removing author and editor from people’s ranks WITHOUT explanation, firing people, and censoring them.

    Hopefully these actions are not repeated when it comes to the posts that were published yesterday. I will be watching and recording everything that happens to these posts.

    1. A few of the FG may have acted out of their boundaries, but it was done in an effort to quell the crapstorm that your peeps were causing. None of us are a threat to GSA as a whole. And those mistakes were corrected, still waiting for yours to be.

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