Chosen AKA Razer is (Not) Leaving GSA

Chosen decided today to leave GSA. A longtime member, Chosen has influenced GSA in many ways and without him we would be radically different. I, and the rest of GSA, offer Chosen a very heartfelt goodbye from GSA.

Chosen, if you want to add anything, please comment and I will add in whatever you say into the post.

he changed his mind.

[Bravo] k


17 responses to “Chosen AKA Razer is (Not) Leaving GSA

  1. since I 1st join GSA I remember Jason looking at me and telling me about his maps
    I remember also a lot of old memory’s of willywonka… and also the fun happy memory’s here in GSA.
    since the fall of ekat however that was my darkest time… being pushed out because of being bullied. and isolating myself from other multiplayer games… and no one helping me getting rid of the cyberbully im leaving because I don’t want to be bullied again… it has risen in my mind that the new recs we have coming in wont respect me… and no one would help me for that much… and also with the stuff happeneing around the clan like “being threaten” I might be a target… if anyone wants to convince me to stay feel free


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