Moving Forward

GSA’s year in 2015 is almost up. We only have about two months until 2016 comes, and we find ourselves in an even bigger rut than we are already in. GSA is now the only major clan still active in the PB2 community – but we have consistently been held back from moving to other games. As a result of this, we are stagnating. Don’t believe me? Check out these stats:

In 2014 GSA had 733 posts published, as opposed to the measly 317 published this year. Also in 2014, we had 142,337 views from 9,680 unique visitors. Now, we have 68,239 views from only 6,516 visitors. What do these stats mean? They mean, for one, that we are stagnating – not producing content because there is, frankly, nothing to produce. They mean that we are waning in popularity, a downhill slide that cannot be stopped by staying in PB2. They also mean that we need to do some serious reform if we are to survive the 2016 year.

The “Government Change Discussion” post has been up for a month. An entire month, with over 150 comments published, and I have not heard a whisper as to what we should do next. Not a single vote, not a single offhand comment from an FG member- nothing. This is a problem that sorely needs to be taken care of.

We need to start making changes, GSA. We need to put in more commitment than just downloading Flash to play a browser game. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the GSA members that have done this – and I appreciate their efforts greatly. But I am also aware of the people not doing anything for this clan.

Please, if you have any suggestions for what we should do moving forward, post them in the comments. I, unlike others, will push your suggestions into actual votes if they are plausible.

Suggestions so far:

Move to Brawlhalla. – Superkiller

Move to Command and Conquer. – Superkiller

Move to VEGA Conflict. – DeathWatches

Move to Uncharted Waters Online – Quema Tormenta

Move to Wind Of Luck Arena – Quema Tormenta

Move to Pirates of The Burning Sea – Quema Tormenta

Move to Voyage Century Online – Quema Tormenta

Move to Warframe -DeathWatches

Move to Ghost Recon Phantoms -DeathWatches

Move to Warface -DeathWatches

Move to Dark Orbit (Browser Based) -DeathWatches


9 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. We should move onto other genres other then just shooters. Brawlhalla, basically PC smash bros, is in Open Beta right now (it’s free to play as well, and it’s not Pay2Win either) on Steam and it’s very balanced. As well as the C&C games for the strategists of the GSA clan like myself.

  2. I agree with what Superkiller says there’s tons of great games out there than shooters/space themed games. While we are “colonized” in several games and Fg members say Pb2 isn’t our main game anymore, all of our recruiting and promotion requirements are for Pb2 only. Reforming those rules would be a great start towards gaining new members. (That being said VEGA Conflict is a great spaceship strategy game, I play it on facebook, but there’s a mobile game and I assume there’s a regular non-facebook version too.)

  3. Uncharted Waters Online

    Wind Of Luck Arena

    Pirates of The Burning Sea

    Voyage Century Online

    Basically all of these are open world exploration, have somewhat of a clan/guild system and include land based + sea based battles. Wind of Luck is the only I’m not sure if it has a clan system or not or land based battles so might have to look into that. IMO Pirates of The Burning Sea looks like the one to try first but I will be trying all of them out some time next week to see how well they run and if it’s a game for GSA. Though I guess there’s a small problem….each of em require a GB or so of free space on your computer so I dunno if it’s possible for GSA as a whole to play em….but hopefully most if not all can.

    They can be colonies for GSA and bring more members into it…especially Uncharted Waters Online and Wind of Luck, since it’s a Steam Based Game and could help us gain more members on our Steam Group. Links for each game is above so try em out and see if you like it, is exactly what I’m gonna do since screenshots and wikis for each game won’t determine if you like it better than you actually playing it.

  4. Warframe has a cool Clan system (complete with Dojo) (Steam version and Independent Version)

    I haven’t explored the clan system in Ghost Recon Phantoms, but that’s a fun game.

    I’ve always enjoyed Warface, it has a clan system, but I haven’t explored that either.

    Dark Orbit (Browser Based), I don’t know if it has a clan system, but I can check if need be.

    Any more and I’ll reply with suggestions. These are games I enjoy, but I get on rarely due to me not having a computer, Browser based games like Vega Conflict I can get on daily. Once I get a computer (when that is, is unsure atm.) I can get on almost every day.

  5. i think we should start focusing on steam in general, they have alot of decent f2p games, and it would be easier to get a game together and play. It has it’s own Group chat and friend system, and we can host events, post discussions, and have announcements. At least those who would want to seriously try playing games with the clan should get on steam and we can work from there.

  6. lel I ditched clans and pb2 for warframe, dont mind me running through void with ash prime, paris prime, lex prime, dragon nikana, sunika kubrow

    ..I was never here *runs*

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