Government Change Vote [ENDED]

  1. Have a Post-Jason (as in the government we had when Jason left) like government, where we will have 3 Clan Leaders (The 2 GA’s as of now, + a 3rd member chosen by the FG) that will check and balance each other, as well as for support should the public attack one of the 3. This way power does not rest in the hands of any one member, seeing as I doubt any of us trust anyone like that without Nick here. These 3 will work together to fill the void left by Nick-Sama, the FG beneath them will remain in tact. After this is voted into place, a new vote may be held to decide whether to promote the Supremes to GA’s and COO’s to Supremes to fill that void, which will require either promotion of lower ranks to COO’s, or the abolition of the COO rank, seeing as there will be no more FG to promote to it. Or to abolish either the GA or COO ranks altogether (no-one’s job is in danger, stop sweating).
  2. Keep the system the same way it is- 1 CL, 1 or 2 GAs, 3 Supremes, and 2 (with potential for more) COOs.
  3. Turn the FG into a Council type government. Here all FG ranks become equal, and no one has more authority over the other. But to incorporate a presidency-esque dealio, we will have an elected official join the council for maybe a month or so; these officials can be a part of the council and voice their opinions as the people’s voice

#1 – 2

#2 – 4

#3 – 11

[Bravo] When does the vote end?

[Bravo] The vote was made 9 days ago and there has not been a new vote for a while. The people want Option #3, so the FG will turn into a council type group. The Founder’s Group will decide when the change will happen, but until then this post will stay stickied.

[Jeep] We should work out all the kinks in the idea before actually implementing it.


39 thoughts on “Government Change Vote [ENDED]

  1. I suppose #3, though if it were an option, id say bring in elements from #1.

    Also- Sorry for the inactivity. I had hoped Rin would get my message across, but it seems he’s been busy.
    I’ll be back eventually.


  2. #3

    the other two options scare me too much, choosing someone to lead us for life… also it’s nice to have the same input as the rest of the FG while implementing a sort of presidency, I wont call out names but some of the FG think that since they have a higher rank they automatically are right

      1. Howso? All you’re doing is putting them on equal footing with eachother, which will more than likely lead to MORE infighting. And putting a no-name on level with them every week or so, which I still don’t understand. We can’t just give a new member admin rights and FG status in the chat every week.

      2. It has to do with how the way it is now will lead to more conflict, which is a bad thing.

        Sure, if you WANT to give any random spy the ability to delete the website. Even when we had presidency, the MOST they were allowed to have was Author, IIRC.

      3. Right- because we totally only elected well trustworthy people to the presidency that NEVER went rogue or were corrupted EVER.

  3. Nuuuu the fate of the lowly grunt to make big decisions! I take orders and have a narrow mind! Command frowns upon my thinking!

    Or something like that.

    I guess it is time for change. Had to happen eventually, amirite?


    1. We got rid of the presidency because they never did their job, and when they did do something they turned crazy. This will be no different. Only difference is the FG is now a Socialist group.

      1. You were kicked for a lot more than just Gen in your name, you literally begged for me to kick you, so stop causing trouble.

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