Transitioning to Discord

It has now been three days since I made the vote to transition to Discord. The vote has now passed (almost) unanimously and Discord is now our official chat. However, the work is certainly not done.

As some people have brought up, there are some issues that we have to deal with – such as impersonators or banned members being unbanned in the Discord chat. The solution is easy. To make sure that we have legitimate members in the Discord chat, we are going to have to go to the Xat chat first and send the invite code in a private chat with the member. That way, only the person we KNOW is real can go to the chat. The solution to the banned users problem is a bit more difficult. Since they are not necessarily going to use their actual usernames, we’re not going to be able to detect who they are. But we can, however, restrict what @everyone can see (that would be their initial rank). That way, a banned member will only be able to see the bare minimum in our #main chat – which we should never use for sensitive information anyway.

Other than that, we need to change the chat page on the site (maybe put xat as “secondary chat” or something) and on our Steam group page. In the future, bots and a Discord API will be created – so we’re going to have to be on the lookout for that.

With the addition of this new chat, GSA will be able to do more things and do those things smoothly. Just yesterday (Nov. 2) about five of us we able to communicate, organize, and play games in a way that would have taken more time had we used a conventional chat. This is a major step forward for GSA.

If you guys have any suggestions post them in the comments and I'll add them.



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