Changing Our Main Chat

Since the strawpoll has shown such immense support for our new Discord chat, I’ve decided to make an official vote on whether or not this should be our new chat. This has been done with the approval of Rinzler – a COO – so don’t try to pull rank on me.

If you have not yet seen our Discord chat, please do not vote until you do so. You can find it here. If you have not read my post about the chat, please do so here.

Vote will span 48 hours since time of posting. Conclusion will be made thereafter.

Approved by C.O.O Rinzler.

Vote + or in the comments.

For: 10

Against: 1

The vote has passed and the Discord chat is officially our new chat. Refer to my newest post on how we’ll implement this change.



27 thoughts on “Changing Our Main Chat

      1. Okay Pzk. Thank you for your uneeded input. But last time I checked the Bill of Rights, it states I had every right to vote on an issue without any judgment from any other member.

        So, to be honest, your comment obviously contains some malice towards me which doesn’t make a lot of sense, especially seeing as – like you mentioned – I haven’t been active enough to do anything to you.

        And let’s be honest Pzk, if we were to add up the months I haven’t been totally active it couldn’t surpass your total past inactivity.

      2. Never said you couldn’t vote – and I have every right to judge you on your vote. I would suggest re-reading our Bill of Rights. I don’t have anything against you personally – it was just an observation that an inactive member voted minus. To me, it means that you haven’t had a good chance to experience Discord as a chat.

        P.S. I spellchecked your comment

        1. Or I actualy like Xat. I kno it mind blowng tht sme peple hav diferent preferences. Anyway I voted knoing tht my side wouldn’t win.

          P.S. Spell check this.

  1. +

    I’m all for it but I want to note the few but big downsides:
    We have to re-member/re-mod/re-owner everyone
    We have to reban everyone and during that time frame they can get in

    Because of that we will fear impostors, for example BlackBird can pretend he’s, say, Eagle, and we would be like how tf do we know that and he wouldn’t be membered. Now for example let’s say… Allen comes on. How can he prove it’s him? For at least a month we will have to be VERY cautious.

    1. Well for the first couple of weeks we send the invites in Private Chat specifically to the people we want to enter the chat.

      Re-membering, re-modding, re-ownering, etc. isn’t hard at all and takes like 2 seconds. Rebanning is also easy.

  2. + This is a healthy change for the better, and we can all have specific chats for specific things other then the xat Private chats

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