New Chat Service?

As you all might know by now, xat is not the ideal chat service for us. Being Flash, it’s not accessible on all devices and it is exposed to security vulnerabilities that, given the current state of the PB2 community, can seriously damage us.

I think a possible solution might be Discord – a free, in-browser, easy to use chatting platform. It’s a little different to the xat that we’re all used to, but it’s smooth, secure, and very effective. Private messages, kicking, banning, and member permissions are ALL supported in Discord. Roles can be added with various levels of permissions. For example, I could add a “member” role or a “FG” role – you get the idea.

Keep in mind we don’t all have to use this chat right away – we could use it for in-game chatting or simply have it as a backup. I took the liberty of setting up a chat server, feel free to check it out.

What do you think about Discord? If you have any other ideas for chats we might use, post them in the comments.


Due to positive feedback, I want to post a poll:

[Sniper]: Holy fuck this chat is so good. Can we get a vote to officially switch to this?


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