Lore Weekend! Chronicle: 4 (I THINK!)

Right, so this weekend, I’ve been nagged(requested) by people to talk about something other than BD. I was planning to do a section on ships today, but then I decided to give them what they want for once. (Trust me, the amount of hate mail can be overwhelming sometimes.)

So this time they seemed interested in the protagonist of ‘Death Worlds’ so I’m going to do a full detailed analysis and description of him below.

Death Worlds is set in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 Universe. And the story primarily revolves around a single character, Carus Nazzal. Viewers see events in a third person perspective and are sometimes shuffled in terms of point of view. Carus’ story begins on Catachan, at the age of 10. The story draws its name from this, since Catachan is a Death World. It’s sole purpose is to kill anything that doesn’t belong there, but yet these tribesmen and such can actually withstand the planets rigors and survive there.

It just so happens that on that very day, nature gets the upper hand and destroys the defensive walls, as a seemingly subtle tribute to Frost’s “Mending Wall.” After the wall had fallen, a huge group of Orks swarm the small settlement, killing everyone they see. Carus’ Mother falls to her death since she was standing exactly at the middle of the wall as soon as it fell. Carus’ Father, although not a fighter, grabs hold of his son and daughter and proceeds to GTFO. Unfortunately an Ork puts an axe in his back. Leaving only Carus and his Sister alive. His Sister saw that there was no way to escape the sheer number of Orks and told Carus to hide, she quickly found a Las Pistol lying around in all the chaos and lured the Orks after her, she is presumed to be killed after holding them off for quite a good amount of time.

Carus remains hidden under a dead body of an Ork for what seems like days, until the Imperium sends an Inquisitor to go investigate what had happened after a brief emergency transmission came through. As fate should have it, the Inquisitor found Carus. Inquisitor Rakhel describes that event as follows “From the day I found you under that corpse, I have looked at you as my son.”

Rakhel is too busy to raise the boy himself as of now and instead uses his clout as an Inquisitor and places Carus in a Vindicare temple, nobody had any faith that Carus would succeed except for Rakhel. He never doubted the boy. The first three years were hell for Carus, but the closer he came to adulthood the easier he found his training had become. Rakhel visited him once during his training period briefly to teach him hand to hand combat. Though Carus is weaker than his fellow Vindicare, he makes up for it by being quicker both mentally and on his feet. Though the Vindicare Temple didn’t find any use for Carus, Rakhel took him as a bodyguard once he had finished his training. Their debut operation was the rescue of a Gray Knight named Jorn. Who later joins their party, giving it a third member. From that day forth, Carus’ reputation built up among the Guardsmen and even the Inquisition. Carus poses some unique threats to various enemies, for example most Psykers cannot manipulate his mind, trying usually results in self injury and they strain far too hard to pierce his rock hard mentality. Carus also appears to be immune to corruption. He is able to completely reject the touch of the warp in whatever shape or form. It is unclear whether the medallion Rakhel gave him is the cause of this or whether he is just far too mentally sound.

Carus’ most well known operation was when he was on Lorn V. With assistance from Taldeer he managed to both shoot and kill the Necron Lord on that planet. Resulting in the complete defeat of the Necron Forces and ultimately the success of the campaign. He is awarded two Imperial Laurels for his service in that campaign, both were requested by Lord General Sturnn.

Carus is known by those who meet him as a calm and collected fighter, capable of following instructions with no hesitation and maximum efficiency. Though this sometimes puts him in precarious situations that nearly result in death.

Some interesting trivia about Carus is as follows:

  • Taldeer gifts Carus an Eldar shortsword and a fairly vague letter, saying they would meet again. What she meant by that remains unclear, but her abilities as a Farseer most likely mean that she saw an event happening in the future, wherein Carus would once again cross paths with her, whether against her or with her still remains unclear.
  • Carus is seemingly the only Vindicare awared a Laurel for his services. He is also considered a member of the Inquisition, as Rakhel’s bodyguard and close adviser.
  • Most humans are called “Mon-Keigh” by the Eldar which basically is the same as calling them a Monkey. Carus however is called “Shlaereen” which means Silent Death, most likely a reference to his position as Vindicare and the fact he does not speak much.
  • Carus is trained in imitation, infiltration, marksmanship, hand to hand combat and even advanced movement. He is also able to speak the Eldar language verbally yet not read or write it. This is presented in an undocumented scene where Taldeer is discussing strategy with her fellow Farseers, only for Carus to intervene and say “Mael dannan” meaning no mercy/no quarter.
  • Carus despite being trained not to feel emotion can willingly defy that section of his training if he feels it is necessary or simply wants to feel an emotion. Though most would call this defiance, Rakhel calls it his greatest gift.
  • It is theorized that when Taldeer examined Carus’ mind using her powers, she was only able to see bits of his past because he had allowed her to, this allowance opened a path into Taldeer’s mind, through which Carus learned how to speak the Eldar language.

http://img07.deviantart.net/9e18/i/2010/093/7/2/larp_warhammer_40k_power_sword_by_atropos907.jpg Taldeer’s gift to Carus.

http://orig07.deviantart.net/c2e2/f/2010/263/7/d/exitus_sniper_by_invaderzim81-d2z3uw6.jpg Carus’ second rifle with Imperial Laurels on either side.

http://pre12.deviantart.net/be31/th/pre/f/2012/151/f/0/40k__an_inquisitor__assassin__and_gk_walk_into_a___by_michael_galefire-d51uaj8.jpg (From left to right) Librarian Jorn, Inquisitor Rakhel and Vindicare Carus.

http://prntscr.com/6je5m7 Carus after his crash landing on a desert, after his first meeting with Sister Selena.

http://prntscr.com/6j0vg4 Sister Selena in combat against forces of Chaos on an unknown planet.


Close Affiliations(Positive):

  • Inquisitor Rakhel Cahl
  • Librarian Jorn
  • Sister Selena
  • Farseer Taldeer
  • Lord General Sturnn
  • Pilots Geralt and Lucan.

Enemies(Negative, hatred, targets etc.):

  • All Ork
  • All Necron
  • All Chaos
  • Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander(has a bullet with his name on it.)

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