Jason Loses Vote —> Jason Spreads Propaganda

Jason has recently created a post on Upper Heaven spreading propaganda about himself. Some shots:

[Bravo] Let me be very clear, this isn’t propaganda–this is Jason telling his side of the story. You have no right to call this propaganda.

[Pzk] Let me be even more clear – as clear as can be – this is Jason skewing the story to support his side. He goes completely off track and even mentions and links posts from 2014. Not once did he describe what he did in order for him to be kicked from GSA and he is framed as the victim in his post.

[Rinzler] To be completely crystal clear, him working with the Legion this way is already in violation of the third restriction, even if you let him in, those restrictions were signed off on and the specifications of that third restrictions, were that if Jason were to form a rebellion like this in any way, he would be fired without a trial. This counts.

[Bravo] To be clearly clear I believe Rinzler is right.



This is clearly Jason going into damage control mode, and I just thought it was interesting to show the rest of GSA.

Full link here.


Apparently, not only did he spread propaganda – he is now directly threatening GSA.


“Either I can take the Legion’s path or the versions of GSA’s path”

This means that he is either going to side with GSA or with DLN – depending on the attitude that people have towards him. This is a completely unacceptable response to this situation. I can’t believe we almost let this guy in GSA.

What are your thoughts?

14 thoughts on “Jason Loses Vote —> Jason Spreads Propaganda

  1. As a member of both clans, I would personally like to go the Gsa path (whatever that may be to Jason) A: Because honestly, when has anyone really won against you guys. B: It would create an exceedingly awkward situation for me.
    But if Jason decides to go the Legion way, I will be forced to leave Gsa until the situation calms down.

    1. Ahh, I see your late to the party, come, pull up a chair, I have got-fired-for-speaking-up cakes and take-a-guess-who-said-no-one-listens-to-Devets tea, not to mention the who-was-FG-during-this-and-sided-with-Jason/vinryan-then-claimed-90%-of-what-he-did-was-bad-later-on muffins. I think you will find them wonderfull with a side of not-so-great-when-it-happens-to-you cookies.

      1. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Not sure if I should make it or not.

        I hope you don’t mean me, I’m the one that started the vote to remove Jason-

    2. Tell me, was that when the 90% of what he did started?
      (you messed up saying that, I’m going to milk that cow for a while)

      1. There were always people against Jason for how he did things, he just crossed the line at that point.

  2. “If Jason is voted back into the GSA he will be given the following restrictions until his loyalties can be proven sincere.”

    This does not mean events before his being voted in if I am correct in my understanding, This means, after he would have been voted in, these restrictions will take place.

    That being said, I don’t really care if Jason gets into Gsa.

    1. “Now, in order for you to get out of jail you need to promise not to murder anyone, okay?”

      *murders someone in the jail before even getting out*

      “Nah, that doesn’t count he can still be released.”

      1. A: He never promised 🙂 B: if he was in jail and murdered someone who cares? One less Rapist/Murderer/Pedophile in the world
        You also ignored the fact that he never really said who he was working with, so he could just not be working with the Legion to begin with.

        1. A: I didn’t say he promised.

          B: You’re ignoring the metaphor.

          C: Not seeing what you mean.

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