Declaration of WAR

We declare war on USF after we were mercilessly attacked by their unprofessional and despicable members.

[Banana]: A deal was made to fire the members who started the unprovoked skirmish against our GSA members. If the members were fired or not is up to Aj to post, since he is the one who made the deal.



11 thoughts on “Declaration of WAR

  1. They attacked four GSA members (me, Pzk, Sniper, and Chosen One) and repeatedly insulted our clan. That is not something we take lightly.

  2. Here is all the information in page 1 including the FG protected info: The Legend of PB2 Sun, 25 Oct 2015 19:06:43 +0000 en hourly 1 Sat, 24 Oct 2015 03:33:54 +0000 ]]> We declare war on USF after we were mercilessly attacked by their unprofessional and despicable members.
    [Banana]: A deal was made to fire the members who started the unprovoked skirmish against our GSA members. If the members were fired or not is up to Aj to post, since he is the one who made the deal.


    ]]> 6 ajbenius Fri, 23 Oct 2015 22:44:39 +0000 ]]> Jason has recently created a post on Upper Heaven spreading propaganda about himself. Some shots:
    [Bravo] Let me be very clear, this isn’t propaganda–this is Jason telling his side of the story. You have no right to call this propaganda.

    [Pzk] Let me be even more clear – as clear as can be – this is Jason skewing the story to support his side. He goes completely off track and even mentions and links posts from 2014. Not once did he describe what he did in order for him to be kicked from GSA and he is framed as the victim in his post.

    [Rinzler] To be completely crystal clear, him working with the Legion this way is already in violation of the third restriction, even if you let him in, those restrictions were signed off on and the specifications of that third restrictions, were that if Jason were to form a rebellion like this in any way, he would be fired without a trial. This counts.

    [Bravo] To be clearly clear I believe Rinzler is right.



    This is clearly Jason going into damage control mode, and I just thought it was interesting to show the rest of GSA.

    Full link here.


    Apparently, not only did he spread propaganda – he is now directly threatening GSA.


    “Either I can take the Legion’s path or the versions of GSA’s path”

    This means that he is either going to side with GSA or with DLN – depending on the attitude that people have towards him. This is a completely unacceptable response to this situation. I can’t believe we almost let this guy in GSA.

    What are your thoughts?

    ]]> 14 verifirs22 Screenshot_9 Screenshot_10 Screenshot_11 Fri, 23 Oct 2015 07:54:48 +0000 ]]> MEME2MEME1

    ]]> 8 timberwolf123 MEME2 MEME1 MEME3 Fri, 23 Oct 2015 06:29:30 +0000 ]]> Right, so this weekend, I’ve been nagged(requested) by people to talk about something other than BD. I was planning to do a section on ships today, but then I decided to give them what they want for once. (Trust me, the amount of hate mail can be overwhelming sometimes.)
    So this time they seemed interested in the protagonist of ‘Death Worlds’ so I’m going to do a full detailed analysis and description of him below.

    Death Worlds is set in the fictional Warhammer 40,000 Universe. And the story primarily revolves around a single character, Carus Nazzal. Viewers see events in a third person perspective and are sometimes shuffled in terms of point of view. Carus’ story begins on Catachan, at the age of 10. The story draws its name from this, since Catachan is a Death World. It’s sole purpose is to kill anything that doesn’t belong there, but yet these tribesmen and such can actually withstand the planets rigors and survive there.

    It just so happens that on that very day, nature gets the upper hand and destroys the defensive walls, as a seemingly subtle tribute to Frost’s “Mending Wall.” After the wall had fallen, a huge group of Orks swarm the small settlement, killing everyone they see. Carus’ Mother falls to her death since she was standing exactly at the middle of the wall as soon as it fell. Carus’ Father, although not a fighter, grabs hold of his son and daughter and proceeds to GTFO. Unfortunately an Ork puts an axe in his back. Leaving only Carus and his Sister alive. His Sister saw that there was no way to escape the sheer number of Orks and told Carus to hide, she quickly found a Las Pistol lying around in all the chaos and lured the Orks after her, she is presumed to be killed after holding them off for quite a good amount of time.

    Carus remains hidden under a dead body of an Ork for what seems like days, until the Imperium sends an Inquisitor to go investigate what had happened after a brief emergency transmission came through. As fate should have it, the Inquisitor found Carus. Inquisitor Rakhel describes that event as follows “From the day I found you under that corpse, I have looked at you as my son.”

    Rakhel is too busy to raise the boy himself as of now and instead uses his clout as an Inquisitor and places Carus in a Vindicare temple, nobody had any faith that Carus would succeed except for Rakhel. He never doubted the boy. The first three years were hell for Carus, but the closer he came to adulthood the easier he found his training had become. Rakhel visited him once during his training period briefly to teach him hand to hand combat. Though Carus is weaker than his fellow Vindicare, he makes up for it by being quicker both mentally and on his feet. Though the Vindicare Temple didn’t find any use for Carus, Rakhel took him as a bodyguard once he had finished his training. Their debut operation was the rescue of a Gray Knight named Jorn. Who later joins their party, giving it a third member. From that day forth, Carus’ reputation built up among the Guardsmen and even the Inquisition. Carus poses some unique threats to various enemies, for example most Psykers cannot manipulate his mind, trying usually results in self injury and they strain far too hard to pierce his rock hard mentality. Carus also appears to be immune to corruption. He is able to completely reject the touch of the warp in whatever shape or form. It is unclear whether the medallion Rakhel gave him is the cause of this or whether he is just far too mentally sound.

    Carus’ most well known operation was when he was on Lorn V. With assistance from Taldeer he managed to both shoot and kill the Necron Lord on that planet. Resulting in the complete defeat of the Necron Forces and ultimately the success of the campaign. He is awarded two Imperial Laurels for his service in that campaign, both were requested by Lord General Sturnn.

    Carus is known by those who meet him as a calm and collected fighter, capable of following instructions with no hesitation and maximum efficiency. Though this sometimes puts him in precarious situations that nearly result in death.

    Some interesting trivia about Carus is as follows:

    Taldeer gifts Carus an Eldar shortsword and a fairly vague letter, saying they would meet again. What she meant by that remains unclear, but her abilities as a Farseer most likely mean that she saw an event happening in the future, wherein Carus would once again cross paths with her, whether against her or with her still remains unclear.
    Carus is seemingly the only Vindicare awared a Laurel for his services. He is also considered a member of the Inquisition, as Rakhel’s bodyguard and close adviser.
    Most humans are called “Mon-Keigh” by the Eldar which basically is the same as calling them a Monkey. Carus however is called “Shlaereen” which means Silent Death, most likely a reference to his position as Vindicare and the fact he does not speak much.
    Carus is trained in imitation, infiltration, marksmanship, hand to hand combat and even advanced movement. He is also able to speak the Eldar language verbally yet not read or write it. This is presented in an undocumented scene where Taldeer is discussing strategy with her fellow Farseers, only for Carus to intervene and say “Mael dannan” meaning no mercy/no quarter.
    Carus despite being trained not to feel emotion can willingly defy that section of his training if he feels it is necessary or simply wants to feel an emotion. Though most would call this defiance, Rakhel calls it his greatest gift.
    It is theorized that when Taldeer examined Carus’ mind using her powers, she was only able to see bits of his past because he had allowed her to, this allowance opened a path into Taldeer’s mind, through which Carus learned how to speak the Eldar language. Taldeer’s gift to Carus. Carus’ second rifle with Imperial Laurels on either side. (From left to right) Librarian Jorn, Inquisitor Rakhel and Vindicare Carus. Carus after his crash landing on a desert, after his first meeting with Sister Selena. Sister Selena in combat against forces of Chaos on an unknown planet.


    Close Affiliations(Positive):

    Inquisitor Rakhel Cahl
    Librarian Jorn
    Sister Selena
    Farseer Taldeer
    Lord General Sturnn
    Pilots Geralt and Lucan.
    Enemies(Negative, hatred, targets etc.):

    All Ork
    All Necron
    All Chaos
    Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander(has a bullet with his name on it.)

    ]]> 0 timberwolf123 Thu, 22 Oct 2015 06:11:04 +0000 ]]> This post is password protected. You must visit the website and enter the password to continue reading.

    ]]> 0 timberwolf123 Tue, 20 Oct 2015 05:20:13 +0000 ]]> That’s right lard buckets..wait I can’t say that on interstellar television, we have a new name!
    Our headlines for today:

    Tyrant being offered second shot.
    Riots on Crescentia.
    Announcement of new war vessels and divisions.
    Numerous members of the Founders’ Group have made a recent poll public, the offering of Jason a second chance, though the poll is near a deadlock, with Jason currently losing 9 to 7, some interesting suspicions have come to light. Numerous officials from the Federal organization have stated that Jason is no longer Jason and is merely an impostor. Evidence is being sought after, but the speculations have raised quite a few questions, despite their nature as just questions, these questions provide seemingly appropriate answers for Jason’s sudden interest in re-joining. Jeez, let’s just make Trump President, give him all of our savings too… *cough* oh right we’re still on air. Erh, this poll has seemingly caused a ripple between numerous members of the FG and military, some agree, most do not. Though restrictions have been put in place if the worst should happen, more like when it happens really…
    Crescentia has been in an unstable state since seven A.M this morning, the Governor reports that numerous police members have wound up in the I.C.U of various hospitals, due to planet wide riots, the cause of riots is unknown as of this moment, but we assume a rift in public and government opinions to be the issue.
    On a less suspicious side note, the Federal Navy has announced research and development of new warships, and also plans to expand and create new divisions to handle the newer tasks that seem to be arising.
    I’m your news anchor Rinzler, and this has been new news. New new news? News that’s new, that’s better.

    ]]> 3 timberwolf123 Tue, 20 Oct 2015 02:05:57 +0000 ]]> SIrGA99
    Note: This is not abusive play because I did not nuke the base, they kicked me.

    This is also not really a raid because I did not go there with the intention to nuke it.

    Also, I had gone there earlier before I became guest and people killed me several times. The god then left, and I came back. This was my revenge- they had fired on me first.

    ]]> 5 ajbenius SIrGA99 Sun, 18 Oct 2015 15:29:00 +0000 ]]> So, as many of you may know, Eric Gurt has begun work on his latest project…
    This new project is known as Pb2.5- A complete remake of PB2. He’s redoing the engine, and most of the game, adding in tons of new stuff.

    For those unaware, you can get all the information Here

    I’ll summarize some of the biggest things that have been revealed.

    (Click images for larger view)

    First of all, Pb2.5 will be in 2.5D. Essentially, walls, etc. are in 3D.

    Next- Pb2.5 has a variety of melee weapons to select from, all with different traits.

    Next, in the new version, while set off by default, doors are destructable.

    Water is getting a huge improvement. (Also, damage hitmarkers.)

    And, last but not least, dual wielding. (Note, in this image, an old model, and new model alien pistol.)

    [Edit]: Also, a first glimpse at some customization. (And, a cooler image of dual wielding.)

    [Edit]: Here’s the latest look at the interface for customization:

    Another peek at customization:

    A brand new android skin, with custom colors.

    Also, there has been mention of jetpacks, flamethrowers, and much, much more.

    Theres plenty more at the link above. Check it for newer info, as well.

    Comment below with your thoughts, theories and hype.


    Jonb7’s signature (NBG)

    [Edit]: Post date updated to keep among new posts, with each update here- Initial posting date, for records, is 9/16/15.

    ]]> 66 jboltnc Jonb7’s signature (NBG) Sat, 17 Oct 2015 03:28:18 +0000 ]]> jason
    Jason wishes to rejoin GSA and be a part of it once again.

    The thing about the past is that it should always be remembered. Jason’s past with GSA has been a controversial part of GSA, but it also brought activity and made PB2 a lot more fun that it is right now. Those times are staying in the past, his leading days are over.

    If Jason is voted back into the GSA he will be given the following restrictions until his loyalties can be proven sincere.

    1. Jason (Jvinh1) will not be allowed in the Founder’s Group (FG).

    2. Jason (Jvinh1) will not be permitted to be President or Vice President if it be re-established in the future. (NOTE: This does not prohibit him from voting in an election)

    3. Jason (Jvinh1) will be banished without trial if he proves treasonous against the current leaders of GSA.

    Vote + if you want Jason back

    Vote – if you don’t want Jason back

    8 | 9

    ^(Double check these numbers- Rinzler)

    I’mma Banana,


    [Rinzler]: I think it’s safe to say this vote is over, no new votes are coming in and its been nearly a week since it officially commenced. The conclusion is that the vote closes with this motion being denied with a total of 9 against and 8 for. I’m going to consider it closed for now, any further votes(if any cos trolls)will be considered null and void, this was a fair enough time period. Banz, please specify a time period in the future.

    ]]> 101 bananareaper jason Wed, 14 Oct 2015 13:19:26 +0000 ]]> Today’s chronicle will be about the Gray Dress story arc due to extremely high popular demand, by popular demand I mean newcomers to the series bombarding me with questions about what it is. So here’s every detail about it, start to finish.
    Before I tell you the relevance of the name, let’s address the protagonist of all this. The sixth Arbiter, Richard Argant. We see him for the first time during the Federal rebellion and he was previously the antagonist. Before being turned into a friend.

    He is quite literally, an unreliable narrator, since some of his logs were altered so nobody would know a rather important detail. Who was in the Gray Dress? And why did he hide it?

    Let’s begin addressing the sub-protagonist, whose name was kept blatantly a secret. Gwen Morriano, yes her last name confuses even me(DERP I WROTE THIS SHIT). We don’t get much on her background, but she was born on Earth and comes from a family of Intelligence Operatives, she followed in their footsteps.

    This is where things take turns, where both the protagonist and sub-protagonist are portrayed as cold and calculative people, but yet they seem to have a mutual understanding for each other and a growing softness. Gwen is ordered to intercept the Arbiter when he is stuck without an extraction plan, she succeeds by electrocuting him with a stun net, but she doesn’t take the shot when she has it. He even notices this.

    Refer to last weeks lore past, because this has a connection. Richard is confused because he was taught that all Federals were murderers, yet she had some kind of sympathy for him. Like she understood what was done to him. As such he disobeys orders and does not hand in the objective he was asked to retrieve. He lies, saying she stopped him from getting it. The Order however, learns of the lie through an investigation by Zealots and orders for Richard to be executed. This both almost works but also fails, since Richard is trapped beneath a large amount of debris, only to be rescued by Charlie(a member of the Federal network, I’ll discuss him in a later post, don’t get chur’ panties in a bunch.)

    After this, both Gwen and Richard are on the same side, Richard is also added as a temporary intelligence asset and does operations for the Federal network here and there of the high profile kind. His knowledge of the order made him indispensable in damaging their infrastructure. Gwen and Richard do in fact become partners, and work together on numerous operations. This is where the unreliable narrator aspect comes into play, Richard INTENTIONALLY misguides the reader into thinking his partner was someone else, that Gwen and him were purely acquaintances. The second form of misguiding happens when we shift forward in time to the first Federal ball that Richard had ever been to. And this event delivers the name of the entire story arc. He meets a woman in a Gray Dress and they seem to have a romantic relationship, though short lived and often thought of as a one night stand. Careful readers will notice the cover-up and discover that this woman is in fact Gwen. Another comical aspect is that neither character knew each other’s name up until this point, yet they had both basically grown so much affection for one another it was quite clear they were in love.

    Gray Dress ends with a bang. No not that kind. We see Richard on a balcony, happy about the fact that he has a good life, that he’s in love and the person he’s with makes him human. We see the mysterious lady walk onto the balcony to tell him something, we can assume this is quite a while after the Federal ball. It isn’t revealed why she’s there, but when Raimis(More connections, pls be patient for all this to be documented eventually) is in some sort of coma when being accepted by the Founders’ blade, he sees a few events that appear suspicious, such as what Gwen had wanted to tell Richard, since before Richard, Gwen was its user. She was there to tell him that she was pregnant, and that they could both retire and live their lives out alone on some remote untouched planet together.

    A bullet comes between them and this dream, although meant for Richard it hits Gwen in the gut. She dies in Richard’s arms and her final words seem vague for her character. “Make them pay..” she isn’t talking about revenge for herself, she knows her unborn child will be dying with her, this is why she asks for revenge, for punishing someone that wasn’t able to think yet. Richard does not know this, and lives his life in constant self hatred. We see him attempt a new relationship, only to fall back into his old self and break it off. Unable to return any emotion. “I loved someone, a bullet took that away.” Implying he could no longer be strong enough to have that emotional connection anymore.

    Interesting trivia to note is as follows:

    Had this child been born, Raimis would have never been needed. In fact Raimis would be dead and the seventh Arbiter would have been someone else.

    Richard’s katana that is on display aboard ‘The Ark’ space station, has the name Gwen engraved upon it. The unique quality of this sword being the fact that it cannot be broken physically by any means at all. Symbolizing that his connection to her was unbreakable.

    There is no happy ending to Richard’s arc. He dies in his sleep, but at least he most likely gets to be with his other half. Though both characters seemed to deserve a chance at a normal life, they sadly never got one.

    Gwen is believed to be the power that runs the Founders’ blade, that somehow her death managed to power the blade with her sentience. But this is purely fan speculation.

    Gwen’s call-sign was Hex and funnily enough, Richard’s call-sign soon became Hex. Raimis also for a short time had the exact same call-sign, being a mere throwback to her importance in the plot.

    Though Gwen is thought to be a superficial character, there for the sake of a love interest. Her death is the catalyst that caused Richard to destroy the order once and for all, with no mercy whatsoever. After the Brotherhood dies, the Gray Dress arc ends. A reader that didn’t pay attention to a few parts here and there would have missed the entire story that was actually right there the whole time. Richard’s Katana Gwen.

    Pictures of Richard Argant were deleted due to the investigation and wipe of his Imperial data once he joined the Federal network.

    ]]> 6 timberwolf123

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