Federal News!

That’s right lard buckets..wait I can’t say that on interstellar television, we have a new name!

Our headlines for today:

  • Tyrant being offered second shot.
  • Riots on Crescentia.
  • Announcement of new war vessels and divisions.
  • Numerous members of the Founders’ Group have made a recent poll public, the offering of Jason a second chance, though the poll is near a deadlock, with Jason currently losing 9 to 7, some interesting suspicions have come to light. Numerous officials from the Federal organization have stated that Jason is no longer Jason and is merely an impostor. Evidence is being sought after, but the speculations have raised quite a few questions, despite their nature as just questions, these questions provide seemingly appropriate answers for Jason’s sudden interest in re-joining. Jeez, let’s just make Trump President, give him all of our savings too… *cough* oh right we’re still on air. Erh, this poll has seemingly caused a ripple between numerous members of the FG and military, some agree, most do not. Though restrictions have been put in place if the worst should happen, more like when it happens really…
  • Crescentia has been in an unstable state since seven A.M this morning, the Governor reports that numerous police members have wound up in the I.C.U of various hospitals, due to planet wide riots, the cause of riots is unknown as of this moment, but we assume a rift in public and government opinions to be the issue.
  • On a less suspicious side note, the Federal Navy has announced research and development of new warships, and also plans to expand and create new divisions to handle the newer tasks that seem to be arising.

I’m your news anchor Rinzler, and this has been new news. New new news? News that’s new, that’s better.


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