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Jason wishes to rejoin GSA and be a part of it once again.

The thing about the past is that it should always be remembered. Jason’s past with GSA has been a controversial part of GSA, but it also brought activity and made PB2 a lot more fun that it is right now. Those times are staying in the past, his leading days are over.

If Jason is voted back into the GSA he will be given the following restrictions until his loyalties can be proven sincere.

1. Jason (Jvinh1) will not be allowed in the Founder’s Group (FG).

2. Jason (Jvinh1) will not be permitted to be President or Vice President if it be re-established in the future. (NOTE: This does not prohibit him from voting in an election)

3. Jason (Jvinh1) will be banished without trial if he proves treasonous against the current leaders of GSA. 

Vote + if you want Jason back

Vote – if you don’t want Jason back

8 | 9

^(Double check these numbers- Rinzler)

I’mma Banana,


 [Rinzler]: I think it’s safe to say this vote is over, no new votes are coming in and its been nearly a week since it officially commenced. The conclusion is that the vote closes with this motion being denied with a total of 9 against and 8 for. I’m going to consider it closed for now, any further votes(if any cos trolls)will be considered null and void, this was a fair enough time period. Banz, please specify a time period in the future.


101 responses to “Votes ‘N Stuff

  1. I vote +. Jason knows how to lead- And while he isn’t getting to the FG/Presidency any time soon, he will undoubtedly aid GSA.

    Besides, worst case scenario, he tries something, and fails. No harm done.

  2. +.
    The restrictions made will keep a possible uprising from occurring for now. Jason’s rejoining holds many benefits for GSA. For one, he is loyal to the clan, so he will uphold its core values. He will be an active member and recruiter. He will also be a skilled enough pb2 player to be able to help train others to possibly rise in skill.

    What he has done in the past ends now. If he is allowed re-entry into the GSA community, he will be starting from the bottom. If he rejoins any grudges should end. The past should be remembered, but it shouldn’t be dwelled upon.

    • “keep a possible uprising from occurring for now”
      There is no such uprising in the works and if it were he would have no influence.

      “he is loyal to the clan”
      Yet he created Upper Heaven.

      “he will uphold its core values”
      Like dictatorship?

      “He will be an active member and recruiter”
      How do we know that?

      “The past should be remembered, but it shouldn’t be dwelled upon.”
      It also, however, should not be forgotten. I agree that we shouldn’t dwell on it, and for the most part, we don’t. The solution here is to ignore him.

      • ‘The solution here is to ignore him.’
        And if actually wants to be with the clan once again, with honest intentions?

        These restrictions will prevent him from trying anything stupid. As if we will let him access anything powerful or secretive.

        I still have no vote on this.


    Me, Aj, and Leejay tried to let Jason rejoin once before back when there was no FG after he retired. Learn from that mistake please.

  4. How do we even know this is the actual Jason? Sure, it’s his account, but could it have been taken by someone?

    Even if it is truly him – I don’t want him back in the clan. – .

    • It’s highly possible to be Vinhryan, that’s a large reason he was fired to begin with.

  5. – Despite being the person who came up with the restrictions, my stance on his potential membership here remains the same, he wasn’t required before, he isn’t required now.

  6. I swear to God, if you let this bastard in….I don’t give a damn if he suddenly starts to act like a “good person.” Jesus won’t even believe him. Under no circumstances should he ever be able to move up to any rank of power no matter how long or how much he’s done for GSA, IF he’s voted back in. TBH I don’t even think he should be let back in….but for some reason you guys keep giving him a chance.

    My vote is a –

  7. Interesting how he is using jvinh1, how long has it been since he used that account? Perhaps Jason408 (or whatever the number combo was) should send a confirmation email so he has more validity.

    If validated:
    + if 1 is indefinitely enforced (I’ll be fair and not ask for 3, even after him/vinryan approved banana’s firing of me for voicing my opinion against the FG)
    – If 1 is not indefinitely enforced

    [Voter did not specify a definite answer, hence their vote is nullified due to indecisive nature within vote.]

  8. +

    My mind is telling me no but my heart is telling me yes. Everyone, try to put yourself in his shoes. He was the one who created this clan from nothing and until the last half of a year he was the bad man we all know him to be. Right now we only remember the bad because it is the most recent memory but please, older members, remember that it was great before then. Jason has had A LOT of time to think. A LOT. If I were him I would want any reason to get in the clan, see what it has become, just be a part of it even if I were only a member. I feel bad for him, and I doubt he would do anything to jeopardize his position as a member. Please, everyone, remember that he is the reason that all of us are here today.

  9. I’m going to vote + because i really want to meet this guy.

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